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She’s not the only Painter round here, you know….

Kev suddenly remembers he forgot to allow for a door.....

Kev suddenly remembers he forgot to allow for a door.....

So, after recovering yesterday from my jetting over to the UK for a show, and driving up to Albir to fetch a load of stuff from the other house, i finally summoned the energy to return to my studio project. Today, I decided to try my hand at painting. Nothing as adventurous as Miki of course, just a great swathe of black across my finished outer wall. And though i do say so myself, it looks quite fetching!

My trip to Albir also took in an extensive search for the exact colour blue carpet that I needed for the studio. I eventually found it in a giant shopping mall just off the motorway on the way back down here. So that’s my next task – carpet fitting. Is there no beginning end to this man’s talents?

On a more creative note: Following the show with BC Sweet this weekend, I’ve received the germ of a song idea from our guitarist Mike, and we’re going to compose it together over the internet. I swear the world’s getting smaller.

Kev Moore

Photography by Miki

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