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The Indalo Cave

You hum it son, I'll play it....

You hum it son, I'll play it....

Yep, that’s what I’m calling the Studio – named after the cave where they found the drawing of the Indalo man, the local symbol for good luck. (I even have one on here, watching over proceedings)

The Indalo Man sees all....

The Indalo Man sees all....

It feels like a cave, nice and dark and atmospheric – just how I like it to create the mood. Needless to say, it’s not a Sanctuary – Paparazzi Miki always finds a way in, and captured me rehearsing for my New Year’s Eve solo show. Coincidentally, I was running through some CHRISTIE songs, as I plan to play 30 minutes worth of CHRISTIE material during the evening. Kind of killing two birds with one stone – I won’t be so rusty come the tour next year!

What does this button do?

What does this button do?

Kev Moore

Photography by Miki

except “Indalo Man” by Kev

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  1. Kev

    If you need a sanctuary, maybe you’ll have to do what Susan does to keep us out of her hair when she is intent on painting – she puts up a bold, bright red “no entry” sign in her window that is visible from way down the walkway so we don’t even bother to get near the studio. Works sometimes…

    Otherwise it’s too tempting for everyone else to see what creations are going on within the artist’s lair.

    Comment by Bob Cornelis | December 22, 2008

  2. No! Don’t keep Miki out! Then we wouldn’t get to see these incredible pictures of the artist at work.

    Comment by Susan Cornelis | December 23, 2008

  3. Bob: I must admit the “no entry” sign made me laugh! But I know the temptation to see what’s being created. Any attemt by me to view Miki’s “in progress” work is usually greeted by cries of “don’t look!, don’t look!” I, of course, obediently avert my eyes…

    Susan: Of course, Miki, as my muse, will always have an “access all areas” pass! 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | December 23, 2008

  4. Thank you so much, Susan, for your support! Kevin hasn’t got any chance to keep me out as I can’t keep my eyes and fingers from him!
    But you know, we both understand quite naturally when we shouldn’t disturb the other… but I think Kevin should put a red/green light on his door, to tell me when he is recording and I shouldn’t come in… would be cool!

    Comment by Miki | December 24, 2008

  5. I second Susan, you can’t kick Miki out!
    I never knew a hardened rocker like yourself would be partial to a cute little Inalo man.
    Love that studio!


    Comment by supersizeme | January 2, 2009

  6. I know you’re all ganging up on me, so I guess Miki’s place in the studio is safe! 🙂 Regarding the Indalo…oh dear, is my image ruined? It’s a good job the pink fluffy toys were just out of shot!

    Comment by kevmoore | January 2, 2009

  7. Hi Kevin ! I guess how you enjoy to get such a cave ! I wrote I was impatient to discover your first opus coming from there.

    It is done and I like it !

    Comment by Joël | January 11, 2009

  8. Hi Joel, many thanks! Another song is coming up soon….

    Comment by kevmoore | January 11, 2009

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