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Nigel Shouts at Kevin

Nigel Shouts at Kevin

As a professional musician, it falls to me to put my creations on public display, and/or sale from time to time. It is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I am saying “Look, listen, I think this song is good enough for you to want to listen to it.”  But by making that assumption and sticking my head above the safety of the parapet, I am also inviting opinions to the contrary, ridicule, and yes –  even vitriol. My latest project, The “Derby Pride” song, has attracted all of these things, and, although in the main comments have been positive, I have received one or two downright damning ones, and those from Derby County fans. The ones from Nottingham Forest fans (our bitter rivals) I expect, and even enjoy! But our own fans? That hurt. But once in a while, someone, somewhere, “gets it.” –  And when they do it makes all the hard work worthwhile, and once again, you can convince yourself that you are right, and everyone else is wrong! I found this posted on the Derby boards yesterday:

“As an EX recording engineer and producer (and a crappy musician with rhythm), having worked in a top recording studio with international artists, producers and musicians, the criterion of a good song is its sincerity, both in performance and lyrics.

Kev Moore has written this song inspired by the love he has for the RAMS. The result of which has affected many of us. I posted the YouTube link to supporters and fans and all of them liked it, why, because it sticks you right in the emotional gut.

Now granted, the song isn’t hard rock, a dance floor filler or even pop (which WOULD eat its self) but its not meant to be.

It is what it is … genuine … home-grown … positive … hopeful … made with love … been given to us … whether transient or permanent … a tattoo of the voice and soul.

Whether it replaces Bloomer or not is neither here nor there.

Kev Moore – Thanks ok

….and for those of you who dig the vibe rather than the vitriol, the songs are available to buy as a digital download from here:


Original cover design &  photo montage by MIKI

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