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Strange Costumes – 2 – Draped in Strange Feathers

The “Altered Book” project by my friend, American writer and artist Shelley M House has infused my own songwriting with a fresh sense of originality and imagination. Her words are original and thought-provoking, and by forcing myself to follow her text to the letter, I present myself with a series of interesting obstacles, from a musical perspective.  This means I let her words dictate the flow and the mood of the piece.  The dichotomy here is the fact that I have always written my own lyrics, so although I’m faced with a challenge, I’m also freed from my own preconceptions. I can’t “tailor” a line to get me out of trouble. I have to make the music fit. If that means taking an unexpected left turn, that’s where it goes. If it means the second verse is phrased differently to the first, that’s what happens. There may be a chorus, there may not, and it certainly won’t be repeated.  So…by following the one rule: Faithfully reproduce Shelley’s lyric – the piece emerges – seemingly having conformed to no rules whatsoever! It’s a fascinating and addictive way to work, and I think this project will grow and grow! © Music Kev Moore/ Lyrics Shelley M House 2009

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  1. Incredible! I love the mood you created in this one, Kev. Thank you for sharing your notes about your process. It’s a fascinating peek into the realm of creation.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | February 9, 2009

  2. You’re welcome, Shelley! I just thought it would be nice to explain a little about it.

    Comment by kevmoore | February 9, 2009

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