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Only 15 hours in Bognor…..

Sounding not dissimilar to the Gene Pitney classic “24 hours from Tulsa” -the title of this blog entry accurately describes my weekend. Following a busy few days dealing with the steadily  increasing demand for the “Commons people” download that will feature on the Derby Football CD project, I snatched a few hours sleep and then reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 5 am UK time to drive 2 and a half hours up the coast to Alicante airport to catch a 10.20 flight to Gatwick. Normally, it’s a 10.20 flight , but today, courtesy of some phobia-ridden nutcase who had boarded the outbound flight, and then decided he couldn’t go through with it, it was an hour and a half late, due to the fact that they had to take all the passengers AND all their luggage off for security reasons and then board them all again. Beautiful.

An hour after eventually landing in England’s green and pleasant, I was met by the guitarist and we made our way down to the South coast and the 70’s weekend underway in darkest Bognor. Headlining the Saturday night meant we were due on at half past midnight. The previous band’s enthusiasm in prolonging their set meant it was nearer 1 o’clock!  It was BC Sweet‘s first gig of the year, so we hadn’t got together for a while, and it always amazes me how we seem to gel so quickly when we take to the stage again. The full house was well up for it, and we returned to the dressing room wrung-out but satisfied it was job well done. Barely an hour chill-out time and Mike the lead guitarist was ferrying me back up to Gatwick, and by 4.30 am I was at in a deserted departure lounge faced with a row of closed shops and cafe’s, the only beverage option  being a visit to Garfunkel’s where a waitress would hand me a menu, guide me to my own private booth and try and make me feel bad for refusing a Latte Microscopica that costs the equivalent of a medium-sized third world country’s national debt. That got a body swerve, needless to say. I waited, wisely, as it turned out, for the imaginatively-named “EAT” cafe to open and furnish me with a banana and maple syrup garnished bowl of porridge. I kid you not. Forget the Jack Daniels and Speedballs. This is rock ‘n’roll….

BC Sweet

L to R: Kev, Mark, Mike

Kev Moore

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