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A song, and a sigh of relief!

Back in sunny Spain today, after some unexpected sunshine in the UK. I was a little concerned when I strode out onto the Pride park pitch for my soundcheck at 10 a.m. – when I was  accompanied by not only my backtrack but also a steady shower! Luckily the clouds passed, and I went over to the JJB soccerdome to put in an appearance at the RT stand in the foyer, where I had a great time meeting some fellow 606ers who have followed the story of the album from its inception, signing CD’s and so on. I was even honoured to have the track I was performing that day immortalised in face paint!


Great to meet up with the likes of Viewfrom, RJ, Unlucky Eddie, Chaddite, etc – and a big thanks to Dave and Paul Mortimer for arranging the meet’n’greet and signing session. I took to the pitch at around 2.25, with hordes of fans still outside the ground, but, judging from those who were in the area for the soundcheck, it could be heard outside anyway!  The acoustics of modern stadia play havoc with your timing, and I had a fun job trying to keep in time with the track, especially with the team stopping to watch in between their warm-up, just in front of me!

Job done, I headed for my seat in the Southwest lower, and witnessed a fairly nondescript first half in the bright sunshine, peppered with glimpses of Commons fast returning to form.  Half-time couldn’t come soon enough, and I headed into the Pedigree lounge to meet one of my heroes, Dave Mackay, along with Peter Daniel, and it was great to tell them what pleasure they’d brought me as a kid attending the Baseball ground in the early 70’s.

Dave Mackay and fan!

Dave Mackay and fan!

Peter Daniel, Kev, and Dave Mackay

Peter Daniel, Kev, and Dave Mackay

They were true gentlemen, from a different age of football, but who had given this club a legacy it can be justifiably proud of. Should the current squad need inspiration, they need look no further than Dave Mackay, who won what is now the Premiership for Derby both as a Captain and a manager.

It was a privilege to meet these legends from our past.

The second half brought a bit more fight from The Rams, and finally, almost inevitably, it was our player of the year, Rob Hulse who got the solitary goal in an unremarkable match, that secured our Championship status.  this time, there were no defensive slip-ups, and we hung on for the 90+3 minutes. The scoreboard made sweet viewing, and the SE corner erupted into a conga-come pitch invasion that ensured that the players could only thank the fans from the safety of the directors box.  It was a privilege to perform in our  stadium, and humbling a little later to see people in the shop buying my CD, which was borne of a love for the team that I’ve supported all my life.

The result upon which we build a new season....

The result upon which we build a new season....

Fans Rampant

Fans Rampant

I also want to thank the team behind-the-scenes at DCFC for looking after me on what was clearly a hectic day for them. Don’t forget, you can buy the CD “Fan Fayre for the commons people” from our online shop via the links on this website, from shopDCFC and their website, and also from the RT website and their staged events.

The impromptu conga by the South east corner, morphing into   a full-scale pitch invasion was almost reminiscent of the  Wembley play-off final – exuberance at securing safety clearly on a par with that achievement on Saturday!

The reason for that exuberance is hope -hope of a bright future for The Rams. It is surely a task Nigel Clough relishes – putting Derby County back where it belongs, with the cream of English Football. In these days of the 30-second soundbyte, and the even shorter attention span, let’s hope he gets the time and understanding he deserves to the job properly.

Kev Moore

The players thank the amazing support

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  1. You are so cute, Kev Moore! 🙂
    And you make a great couple with the Commons People girl…
    Great photos!

    Comment by Miki | April 27, 2009

  2. Hi
    Recieved my cd this morning and its Fantastic. Brilliant performance on Saturday i was singing along with you and you clearly impressed Robbie Savage either that or he was jealous of your hair

    Up The Rams

    Comment by Laura | April 27, 2009

  3. Hello Laura, glad you like the CD! And thanks so much for your kind comments – I noticed Robbie out of the corner of my eye, thought I might come over and join in! Great to know the Rams are safe, and looking forward to next season!

    Comment by kevmoore | April 27, 2009

  4. Hello Kevin !
    I am listening to your superb CD. It arrived to-day to France (I hope it is the first to cross the Channel for a new Ram’s fan !) and it was a pleasant surprise coming back home after working time.
    Thank you very much, especially for your kind words…and don’t worry : be sure I enjoy a lot !

    Comment by Joël | April 30, 2009

  5. Hi Joel – I was just saying to Miki an hour ago, I wondered if you’d received your copy yet! Glad you like it!

    Comment by kevmoore | April 30, 2009

  6. Hi Kev.

    It was actually me you met at Pride Park with my Dad; although I do have a sister.

    I can’t seem to find the pic of you and Dad? Perhaps you could send it to me.

    Glad you still doing well; keep happy.


    Comment by Val Mackay | March 30, 2010

  7. Found pic now thanks Kev. Great picture.

    Comment by Val | March 30, 2010

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