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Return to Harley D’s

Next Sunday, December 20th,  I will be returning to the stage at Harley D’s, Carboneras, with local band Los Mezcaleros.  We had a blast there a few weeks ago, and it’s nice to get a show in before Christmas. I also did a short acoustic set on Saturday night at guitarist Mario’s bar here in Turre, where I played, amongst others, one of Jeff Christie’s songs The Dealer. This Saturday, as a preface to the Sunday show, we’ll be running a set at Bar Zambra again, this time with Choice Radio, our local station in attendance. So it looks like being a fun-filled weekend down here in Almeria!

Here’s a few pics from our last appearance at Almeria’s favourite biker bar and restaurant.

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  1. Kev

    Maybe sometime they can trade you a Harley for a gig! Would love to see you on one of those beasts.

    What’s with the tame hair in these?

    Comment by bobcornelis | December 14, 2009

  2. Bob – I’d dearly love to do the I-95 on a nice low-slung Harley! Perhaps I should add it onto requirements for the gig fee (adds a whole new meaning to the term ‘rider clause’!!)
    The hair – I’d just had it straightened the day before the gig, I was kind of fed up with it growing like crazy, but not getting any longer, if you know what I mean. It’s relaxed a bit more again now!

    Comment by kevmoore | December 15, 2009

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