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                                                                                           Yes, but where can I buy a case for it?


(a version of this article has also appeared in Cafe Crem)

Well, we’re here! Finally putting our Jet lag behind us as best we can, we ventured out into the icy wastes of Nashville today, taking in the Hard Rock, ( and a nice T-shirt prezzie from Miki!) and indeed the rest of Broadway, where most of the music ‘on the ground’ happens.  We spent all of Monday afternoon in a bar called Second Fiddle, where an amazing house band proceeded to blow me away with some incredible guitar and vocal work. For my first band seen in this music city, they were a perfect choice. Great versions of Rockin’ in the Free World and Call me the Breeze really stood out, and there wasn’t even a cover charge!

The AT&T building at night


Another surprise for me was Miki’s love of the American skyscraper, she found them quite aesthetic and pleasing, as I do.

We had arrived in Nashville in the midst of a record-breaking freeze, and the 100 year-old water pipes on the famous Broadway music strip declared ‘enough is enough’ and exploded out of the sidewalk with the pressure from the expanding ice, resulting in many bars and businesses in this tourist district being without water and forced to close.  The Hard Rock Cafe, luckily supplied by a separate main, served coffee to the workers who were out there round the clock trying to fix it.

"they say the neon lights are bright on Broadway..." Nashvilles' own version of the famous street, suffers underthe big chill.


At a time where music in the UK is having the life squeezed out of it by unmitigated horsesh*t like Britain’s (not) got Talent  and X factor,  I felt incredibly emotional and proud to see real music played and enjoyed on just any ordinary weekday afternoon. Saturday night in a bar in the UK, you’re more likely to get some drunken tart singing I will Survive on a karaoke machine. So I say, God bless America!


Kev Moore



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  1. Hello Kevin and Miki !
    I was expecting your first post. Very nice beginning !
    Enjoy hearing and playing good music, lucky both of you !

    Comment by Joël | January 13, 2010

  2. Thanks Joel! Hopefully I’ll get time to tell more about our adventures over here.

    Comment by kevmoore | January 14, 2010

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