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Return to Beale St.

What a blessing, to be able to jump in the car, head 15 minutes up the highway, and be on Beale St, ready to soak up the evening’s music?!! That’s what Miki and I did the other night, heading into the Rum Boogie Cafe to watch the house band, which was actually a duo. One guy, who looked like Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, handled acoustic guitar and bass and vocals, and the other guy, called Eric, sporting a pork pie hat handled, well, pretty much everything else, vocals, blues harp, dobro, guitar, washboard, kazoo, you name it.

Lettin' the blues wash over me....

The walls (and ceiling) were festooned with guitars of all shapes and sizes, all signed by musical luminaries. The Rum Boogie was a favourite haunt of Stevie Ray Vaughn, and his guitar hung on the wall as a reminder. I was reminded of my late friend Keith Webb, who spent a month in Texas jamming and rehearsing with a 17 year-old SRV. ” He was incredible even then” he told me. There was also an old guitar signed by Billy Joel up there, next to Santana’s.  I guess there was no room for a piano…..

Well-known guitarist Billy Joel........?

They were great, Eric’s blues harp a thing of beauty, and numbers from Dylan to Nine Inch nails interspersed with great humour really made our evening.  We also ordered the “every goddam appetizer on the menu platter” – at least that’s what it looked like. The chicken wings were to die for, and I asked the waitress if they cross-bred the chickens with pterodactyls, they were so huge!

Either side of our evening at the Boogie, we wandered up and down Beale street once again, watching the fairly tale horse drawn coaches come and go and the kids performing acrobatics in the streetswhile also  trying to avoid the shysters trying to sell us the free guide to Memphis and pretending the money was going to orphans. Do I really look that dumb? Guess so.

Kev Moore

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