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Austin Power – let the music do the talking!

Trying basses in the Guitar centre, Austin

The criminal events that have punctuated our week here notwithstanding, I have to take this opportunity to champion Austin’s greatest treasure – its Music Scene. From their homage to a fallen son, Stevie Ray Vaughan to the gargantuan SXSW festival, upcoming in March which showcases hundereds of bands from all over the world, and often features surprise sets from stellar acts, this city oozes music from its every pore.

I chat with Pee Wee after his show at Nuno's

Sixth street is the hub of all this activity, where most nights you can catch two bands to a venue, all playing for tips, generally with no cover charge. It is a feast for the ears.

I have seen at least three great blues guitarists within two days, including Chris Ruest, whose album we bought. the talent here is real, and legion. The fabulous PeeWee in Nuno’s last night had a voice to die for.

The Chris Ruest band

It was a poignant moment for me to visit the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan. My late friend, the drummer Keith Webb, came out to Austin to rehearse with Stevie for a month, when the blues rock prodigy was just 17. “Even then, ” said Keith to me a few years ago, “I knew he was special”.   It has also been strange to hear Keith’s drumming regularly on a TV ad here – Donovan’s “Any trick in the book” airs often in a car ad, and I often think of Keith when I hear his drumming on the track. Perhaps he’s here visiting Austin with us, in spirit.

Me and SRV.....

I’ll leave Austin with great musical memories, and try to forget the crime.

Kev Moore

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