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On the road again

The German Summer....

“On the face of it, it looks like an easy weekend ..” I thought, as I glanced at the itinerary sent through from the promoter’s office. Little did I know! I set off from home around 11 a.m. on Friday, missing the visit of Miki’ s relatives entirely.  Leaving behind the Spanish sun, but hoping for a little German summer, I boarded my plane in Alicante , landing in Nuremberg around 5.30 p.m.

Met by not only our driver, but a torrential rainstorm and a complete absence of any summer, I was then driven 2 and a half hours south to Munich airport where we were to rendezvous with the rest of the guys from Christie , flying in from Manchester. Their plane was delayed, and they finally came through the arrivals hall at 10.30 p.m. We then discovered that we had to drive North for a further 4 and a half hours to near Leipzig, in order to check in at our hotel. It was an admittedly very nice hotel, but my head didn’t hit the pillow until 4.30 a.m. – a full eleven hours after landing in Nuremberg.

Simon and Fos help themselves to free beer backstage - no change there, then....

Fos and I opted to forego the arduous task of getting up for any kind of breakfast, and ordered a lunchpack for noon.  A couple of hours chilling at the hotel, where we welcomed our old friends from Sailor, and we were then whisked away for a soundcheck at the open air venue in Borna. We were also joined on the bill by 70’s band Hello.

Me and Simon, post-gig

Chatting to Sailor backstage we were made aware of Henry’s, (one of their keyboard players) good fortune. In the years prior to Sailor, he had been a part of a prog rock outfit called Gringo, who recorded one album. Apparently Eminem decided to use one of Henry’s synth lines from it as a sample on his latest Worldwide best-selling album!  As the impeccably-spoken Henry put it when I congratulated him, : “Yes, I’m a mean mother f***er!”

Fos and the irrepressible Henry

It’s always great to catch up with old friends on the road, and the members of our own band are no exception! I don’t get to see Jeff, Fos, and Simon as often as I’d like, and these weekends present the perfect opportunity to do so.  The only drawback of course, being that most of those hours are spent on the autobahn!

Grant Serpell, Sailor drummer and all-round top bloke

Phil and Henry pounding the Nickelodeon (Mark 7)

Following a great gig, I went to  bed around 1 a.m., as I wanted at least one chance to sample the hotel breakfast , and we had to be on the road for 10, in order to drive the length of the country again so I could catch my 5.10 p.m. flight from Munich to Alicante. The lads, travelling with me, had it worse though. Flying from Munich also, they had a further 4 hours to wait after I left before they were Manchester bound.  To paraphrase Charlie Watts, we had one hour on stage and 47 hours hanging around! But never fear, I’ll be doing it all again with BC Sweet in a couple of weeks time!

Square peg:Round hole. Jeff tries to manoeuvre the guitars through the chairs at Munich airport, much to Simon's amusement

Kev Moore

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  1. Hi Kev ,
    we enjoyed the gig very much ,it was great.The time in the hotel after the gig was fantastic ,too Hope you`ll like the DVD which I gave you .

    Greetings from Toni ,Franz and Rainer

    Comment by Rainer | August 16, 2010

  2. Hi Rainer! It was great to see you guys again, and to share a drink with you at the hotel afterwards. I’m looking forward to checking out the Rockpalast DVD – It was a great and pleasant surprise to receive it. I hope the journeys back for you all were okay!

    Comment by kevmoore | August 16, 2010

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