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I’m sorry, but it’s Rant time again…..

Can we have them live forever? I can't bear the alternative......

Sometimes, I just want to explode at the sheer stupidity of it all.  On BBC 2 , we had the electric Proms bringing together the collosal and undeniable talents of Elton John and Leon Russell. Cue deserved and unconstrained joy. Then we had the flies in the ointment.  Who, in the name of all that’s holy, convinced Elton that Plan B can sing???? Let’s be perfectly clear on this – He absolutely MURDERED ‘I guess that’s why they call it the blues”. The guy can’t carry a tune in a bucket. He’s just some “sarf landan” chancer who should be tossing burgers at Maccie D’s. It’s another example of the pervasive skewed thinking that lauds every fashion abortion that trips off the Milan catwalk. Open your eyes people!!!! He’s utter, utter tripe!  To compound matters his nonchalant ‘awight mate’ greeting of the legendary Leon Russell had me seething at his indifference to his surroundings. I live for the day when this bloke gets terminal laryngitis. I was practically kicking him off the stage from my comfortable viewing position. His appearance on the show was like depositing a turd on a Leonardo da Vinci.  The most vexing question has to be though, What does Elton see in him? how could he have him destroy his song like that?

It didn’t get much better, either. The daftly-named Rumer (she’s probably called Doris or something) came on looking distinctly underwhelming, and sang a barely passable version of Russell’s classic “Your Masquerade”. I counted at least 2 flat notes within 40 seconds. Apparently, this bird is the second coming as well. Listen everybody, and listen carefully….SHE’S JUST OKAY, no more, no less, I’ve worked with at least a dozen girl singers that could wipe the floor with her, so where does all this hysteria and hype come from, and why is it showered on her?  Our standards are plummeting, and when the giants such as John and Russell are no longer with us, God help us if all we’re left with is the likes of Plan B and Rumer,  because in the words of Don Maclean, that will be the day the music died.

Kev Moore


October 31, 2010 - Posted by | Music, Recording, Rock, Thoughts, Writing | , , , ,


  1. Well said,Kev – I thought it was just me being an old fart!

    The other really crass moment in a great celebration of the talents of two bona fide giants of contemporary music (well, just try to categorise the legend that is Leon Russell)was during Radio 2’s coverage of the concert.

    I threw my teddy when the carefully “super-cool” airhead Jo Whiley, who wouldn’t normally be seen dead having anything to do with old rock stars like Elton John or Leon, decided to prattle on as Leon Russell played a sumptuous piano introduction, about him “looking like Dumbledore” etc.

    Just shut yer big gob & get off mic – let’s hear the music!

    Anyway, I’ve dusted off my old Leon Russell LPs including a great bootleg, and now have to put them onto CD! The official compilation is going on my Christmas list!

    Incidentally, Kev – did you see Leon Russell’s legendary gig in Derby all those years ago? Definitely one of my all time top tenners, if I could compile such a thing!

    Comment by David Mortimer | October 31, 2010

  2. Hi Dave – no, you’re not being an old fart. When any ‘new talent’ is foisted upon us, I try to put my preconceptions on hold and listen to it for what it is – but I’m afraid I have a built-in bullshit detector and stuff like Plan B doesn’t fool me at all. That comment about Jo Whiley just sums it up – its pearls before swine.

    I never saw Leon’s Derby gig – what a treasured memory that must be!

    Comment by kevmoore | November 1, 2010

  3. Indeed it is, Kev!

    I remember the Derby Evening Telegraph report of the gig in wich Leon said that the Derby audience was the best he’d encountered in the UK. The place was ram-packed!

    From my position to the front left of Leon and his mighty piano – which was nearly falling off the little stage at Cleo’s that also tried to accomodate the Shelter People, my eyes were either glued to the sensuous singers, Claudia Lennear & Kathi McDonald, or watching Leon’s busy hands.

    I’ll always remember him raising up his right arm to bring that super-tight band to an instant halt during “Stranger In a Strange Land” before hollering “Well, it’s so strange!” (then, an arm wave – and the band crashes a single chord) “I said, it’s so strange!” and on into a thunderous finale.

    I bought a Leon Russell live bootleg (“Watercress” – huh?)around that time too, which is a sort of stereo – albeit patchy – recording of some great stuff that isn’t on his “Leon Live” triple LP set, so I’m putting that onto a CD now to add a soundtrack to my hazy memories!

    Comment by David Mortimer | November 1, 2010

  4. Thanks to your post, I have discovered on YouTube this concert. After, I listened to the original song. Well… maybe Plan B was upset… or ill… or has too much smoked !

    Dealing with Russel, I listened to his song “Your Masquerade”. Someone wrote “Leon feels this song. Everybody else just sings this song, missing the emotion entirely..”

    I guess you feel that.

    Comment by Joël | November 3, 2010

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