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King Biscuit Time – “Pass the Biscuits” finds its way home!

Sonny and me after our interview in January

Just this week I had the singular honour to be featured on King Biscuit Time – completing the circle that began when I met “Sunshine” Sonny Payne and appeared on his show back in January of this year.  Sonny graciously agreed to do a couple of voiceovers for my homage to the show “Pass the Biscuits”.

You can listen to the show by clicking on the link below. “Pass the Biscuits” is about 10 minutes in.


Don’t forget, you can buy my new CD, ‘Blue Odyssey’ featuring Pass the Biscuits from

our online shop MIKISMART

Kev Moore


November 20, 2010 - Posted by | Blue Odyssey CD, blues, Home Studio, Music, Recording, Writing


  1. Pass the biscuit will you Kev?
    Great to see that your still very active in the music scene!

    Any chance of that Porter song?
    I’ll give you a mention on today’s videos =]

    Comment by Mart | November 20, 2010

  2. No sooner said than done Mart – check yer inbox!

    I suppose we could say the Porter song is really ‘hip’ at the moment……

    Comment by kevmoore | November 20, 2010

  3. cool , where can we buy your cd?

    Comment by Brian | November 20, 2010

  4. It’s good to see that Blue Odyssey is being acknowledged by the “sampled” man himself, Sonny Payne.

    Checkout Radio KFFA from downtown Helena to hear and read more about this musical legend and his fantastic blues programme!

    Also great to catch up with you again recently Kev – we gave the new CD a public airing in Derby today before the game and it generated good interest amidst Rams fans.

    Although most fans were preoccupied with watching the televised Arsenal v. Spurs match, Blue Odyssey was played through twice before the Rams’ game.It sounded GREAT!

    The 10-man Rams finally prevailed 3-2 over once-mighty (eh?)Scunthorpe.

    Don’t forget that you music fans in Derby can obtain Kev’s latest CD and his “Commons People” album from RamsTrust on Rams home matchdays!

    Comment by David Mortimer | November 20, 2010

  5. Hey Dave! Another home win for the Mighty Rams!

    -and thanks for the pre-game airing of Blue Odyssey mate, it’s much appreciated!

    Comment by kevmoore | November 20, 2010

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