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Closer to home……

Although I’ve been flying hither and thither around Europe with BC Sweet this summer, 2011 has also seen me perform a few more shows with my good mate Mario, both in Mezcaleros, and also in a 60’s music project called Mo’Bitz up in Cabrera, a village up in the mountains that bear it’s name ( or is it the other way around?)

Anyway, we played a set comprising all the classics from Small Faces, Spencer Davis, Kinks, Beatles, etc, and a good time was had by all, despite the bitter cold. Yes, you heard right. the bitter cold. It seems hard to believe, as I sit beneath my fan in the office sweating profusely, that a mere few weeks ago, the night time mountain air took away all feeling in my fingers! I even sat at the side of the stage in the car to keep my fingers warm before going on! So, for all you envious of us Spain-dwellers – it’s sometimes cold here too!

Since doing this show, Mario and I, together with drummer Francis have performed a rock set as Mezcaleros at a biker festival up near Granada, and it looks like we’ll be doing another one in August.  Mario’s also hoping to arrange a beach bar bash at the end of July down on Mojacar playa – which would be very cool. So, busy times at home and abroad!

Kev Moore

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  1. Great to hear you are keeping busy on the music scene.Also so good you let us know where you may be playing before hand.I look at quite a few music sites to see the latest news on artists and bands that interest me, but there are so many that haven’t been updated for 6 months to a year or even more. It’s all very old news when they get to write something of interest. Saying that ,there are a few like Jeff Beck,The Who,Deep Purple and IORR,The Rolling Stones fans site that are the first place to hear news.I am in Granada on August 30th-31st and then down to my place near Arboleas on 1st September so hope to see you play after then.Have you still got some paintings and drawings on display at the gallery in Turre?Will have to pop in their on a trip out to Mojacar.Also,is the Sentinella magazine still around,’cos I remember your articles and cartoons in there.

    Comment by Tony Fowler | July 8, 2011

  2. Funny you should mention the Sentinella Tony – look out for my next entry here today or tomorrow!
    El Retiro, where I had my recent exhibition, is closed for the Summer, but you are welcome to check out mine and Miki’s art at our own Gallery at home, which you can visit by appointment. I’ll send our number to your email addy, and feel free to call when you’re here.

    Comment by kevmoore | July 8, 2011

  3. Thanks very much Kev for giving me a chance to see yours and Mikis’ art when I get over there.Funny how some places in Spain close down for the summer months,and others open up.Guess it all depends on passing trade etc.Look forward to my next visit to Espana at the end of August for about a month.Just seen your entry for the Sentinella but can’t seem to get the on line mag. on your link or the website when i did a google search.It may have a few problems at the minute.Hopefully will meet up with you both in Turre or if you’re playing in Mojacar while I am around.

    Comment by Tony Fowler | July 11, 2011

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