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Fallen Idol

I just unearthed a song I’m going to use for my next album, that I wrote about the late Amy Winehouse. I wanted to publish the lyrics here. They’re unaltered, and exactly as I wrote them on 19th.May 2008. Reading them again, I could clearly see it coming, as I’m sure those nearest and dearest could too. What I’ll never understand, not being a drug addict or alcoholic or having to deal with one, is how they could not prevent it. But , as always in these cases, we can rest easy knowing someone, somewhere is getting very, very rich.


Turns to stone if she’s, on her own
Photo flash, then she’s golden trash
A modern-day Medusa bent on taking her own life
Pity all the people that had prayed that she would survive

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Nature’s way, or, so they say
Worldly-wise, but with those, vacant eyes
A world of self-delusion in her celebrated state
Her tattoos tell the story – an illustrated fate

Not so long ago we’re told, all the streets were paved with gold
Everybody young and old, warmly welcomed to the fold
Damaged hearts repent in haste, always leave a bitter taste
No more wishes left to waste, you can see it in her face

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Freshly dead, newly wed
Had to die to see those sales go high
A universal profit on the back of her demise
International webcasts drown the sounds of a mother’s cries
(yes they do)

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Lyrics © Kev Moore May 19, 2008

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  1. When the news of Amys’ passing came through,I was not at all surprised along with so many other people .It was a tragic accident waiting to happen and unfortunately her family ,management and many so called friends could not…………….or would not stop it. The hype surrounding Amy during her heyday and even recent weeks was there to generate publicity ,and make a load of money for some people. So tragic that she was dragged along with it ,and at times she was loving the publicity of it all. When I see the likes of Joss Stone,Imelda May and Imogen Heap who are 3 of my fave female artists,who have got their feet firmly on the ground ,I think to myself that Amy could have been like them.Succesfull,happy and talented.Such a waste of life.

    Comment by Tony Fowler | August 1, 2011

  2. Hi Tony – all life, extinguished before its time is wasted. I’ve certainly upset a lot of people on the world wide web with my take on this, as I don’t conform to the hysterical canonization of junkies and/or musicians that have dried up creatively and embarrass their own band on stage. Nevertheless, I mourn her passing, simply as a human being, even though an amoeba could have seen this coming from day one.

    Comment by kevmoore | August 1, 2011

  3. What gets me now about the passing of Amy is that the tabloids are still trying to cash in and fill a few pages, after she’s gone.Her so called ‘best friends ‘ are tweeting all over the place about their closeness to her and missing her etc.,and then making sure the tabloids and the net hear about it.Talk about trying to cash in and get a bit of publicity for themselves on a sad occasion. Not unexpected though ,these days.A few good tracks on a hit cd doesn’t make a legend,but her fans will surely miss her as well as her family.

    Comment by Tony Fowler | August 3, 2011

  4. I’m also struggling with this idea for a treatment centre in ‘her honour’ as her Father is proposing, demanding funding from the government. Call me old-fashioned, but why should honest, law-abiding , clean and sober tax payers contribute to the creation of a lasting a monument to a junkie, talented or not? Rather, the family and record company, if there is a shred of decency and remorse, should funnel ALL future profits from her music into such a scheme to help people like Amy, if they really believe in the cause. That, at least may bring a shred of meaning to her wasted life.

    Comment by kevmoore | August 3, 2011

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