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Tufty Gordon drops in

Tufty and me

It’s often said that “it’s a small world”. Well it sure is. Some days ago, I was invited to speak about my career in front of The Dames of Turre – a charitable organization of ex-pat ladies who meet regularly in our village.  Their leader, Jean, mentioned that she’d met a certain entertainer while on a Caribbean cruise, and that he was currently touring around Spain and was due to pay a visit on them this week. She asked if I knew him: “Tufty Gordon is his name” she said. Well, when you’ve been a pro muso for over 30 years, as I have, you cannot fail to have heard of Tufty. He’s been in the business for 55 years as a professional sax player and compere, (particularly hosting events for The Stage) and in fact interviewed me some years ago on stage when I was about to take my solo rock show out to the Caribbean on the ship ‘Ocean Village’. Tufty has played for the likes of Joe Cocker, my old friend Tony Christie and many, many others.  Jean arranged for me to meet up with him down on Mojacar playa. It was great to catch up with him and his lovely wife, Sylvia, and he kindly offered to lay down some sax in my studio while he was in town.  So today, I played him my latest work in progress: “Statue of Only Me” – a song from my next album and also to be featured on my Bay Radio spot next month. After a few listens and run throughs, he put down some great tenor lines which I’ll now spend the next few days editing and arranging.  I’m truly indebted to him for his generosity, and was happy to catch up with him again in ‘my own back yard’. Cheers Tufty!

Kev Moore

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  1. Hi Tufty, Lost your phone number. Love to hear from you. Regards, Jess Hope.

    Comment by Jess Hope | October 18, 2012

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