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Keep it True 2012

As a band, we were overwhelmed by the response from the fans as we took the classic Witch Cross songs back into the live arena for the first time in decades.  I felt hugely privileged to be a part of the moment. To hear the crowd singing not only the lyrics to Fight the fire, but also Mike’s guitar line, was incredibly moving!

Here’s some amateur video footage of some of the numbers from the gig:




Meeting die-hard fans with faithful recreations of the Fit for fight album cover on their jacket, or in one case as a spectacular tattoo on his back, really strengthened our belief that the time is right to return and bring these songs back to life.

Keep it True has always been renowned for its great vibe, and KIT XV was no exception. Oliver and his team triumphed once again with an eclectic line-up that brought fans from all over the world together in a metallic party!

Post-signing session L-R: Jan, Poul, Mike, AC, Kev. In front: Ole- Roadie, T-shirt model and Lord high executioner!

Our signing session had been a bit delayed because of the previous band, and we were held back, so we weren’t in place at the advertised time and I understand some fans missed out on getting their boxsets signed. The band would like to apologize to anyone who missed out.

Ole also edits an excellent fanzine dedicated to obscure metal. Check it out at

We were blown away with our reception at the weekend, and we hope to catch some of you at Metal Magic in Fredericia, Jylland, Denmark on July 15th!

Kev Moore


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