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The postman always rings twice here in Spain. No , really – he does. He brings the letters and stuff, then he tells me he’ll be back cos he’s got a paqueta in the van for me.

Headless Heaven

So, five minutes later he returns with my new acquisition,  A beautiful  mint condition Fernandes Tomahawk Headless bass from 1987. (see above pic) These beauties came in two versions, one with a maple neck, and one with a graphite neck, the latter being the more expensive, at 115,000 Japanese Yen in the catalogue – that’s around £932 in real money! This one is the Graphite version. I do like variety in my bass collection, and this one fits the bill perfectly.

From the 1986 Fernandes Catalogue

I already have a Fernandes FRB 100 5 string, which I got from Saxon’s Graham Oliver in the early 90’s when Saxon had a deal with the company, and I was working on a couple of things with Graham. I also seem to remember designing a plectrum logo for them too. They are vastly underrated basses in my opinion, and I’m really happy to have added one to my collection – and for a real bargain price too!

My FRB 100 – who now has a friend….

It’s great to receive a secondhand bass that’s clearly been so lovingly cared for, and it sounds superb.

Kev Moore

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  1. Ha ha – that’s porn for bass players…!

    Comment by Stef | June 28, 2012

  2. 🙂 oh yeah!

    Comment by kevmoore | June 28, 2012

  3. Hi Kev,

    don’t forged the Hohner and Marathon basses building in the 80’s. I have a headless Hohner The Jack and a PJ-Bass. Also a green Marathon Pro Series Bass and some of the Replay Basses and Giutars made in the 80’s. Hohner ST Victory, ST Scorpion, Marathon Telecaster, Marathon Pro Series green and red………………………………..
    Kev, I can understand you. Guitars and Basses are not of this world, the must be send from heaven and buid by god himself.
    Stay hard and heavy, Eric Steel

    Comment by Eric Steel | June 28, 2012

  4. Hi Eric! – yes the Jack was great value for money for those who couldn’t stretch to the Steinberger – even had a Steinberger licensed bridge/tuning system.

    Comment by kevmoore | June 28, 2012

  5. Looks great Kev!! But please blog on the world music blog, your posts are setting up the quality….. 😉

    Comment by Xandi | July 6, 2012

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