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Loyal to the Max – The Metal Community

The author Kev Moore appearing with Witch Cross at Metal Magic V, Denmark

In the crazy, shape-shifting universe that is the music business, fashion, and the buzz of the moment is King,
almost always a slave to trend, and ignorant of talent.  Rock music has often been the boy in the corner,
often ignored and regularly ridiculed, despite periods of glorious mainstream success – the late 60’s/early 70’s
the New Wave of British Heavy Metal,  and the subsequent hair metal boom of the Mid 80’s. Even when bands
faded from the wider public’s general consciousness, the behemoths of the industry continued to shift huge
quantities of albums, Sabbath, Purple, Priest, Maiden, Leppard etc.

But as the business changes, and record sales slow to a trickle, hamstringing the record companies effectiveness,
it is the cottage industry that is becoming King. Such an industry relies on a loyal and supportive fanbase, and there
is none more so than that specific area of the rock canon – The Metal Community.

They may not be huge in number, compared with the hordes of sheep drip fed the likes of Jessie J and Tinie Tempah,
but they are not fickle, their loyalty is without question, and their support of their chosen bands sometimes beggars
belief. It often translates into the fans themselves becoming promoters, as evidenced by the mid-level festivals celebrating Metal that are springing up all over the world. One thing binds these proto-promoters and the fanbase from
whence they came – love. They love what they do, they love the bands, and they love the camaraderie that builds
up between them all. Attending a Metal festival is not simply a case of buying a ticket and going to a gig, it is an active
participation in a lifestyle, a total immersion in an experience enhanced by the like-minded people around you.

The bands that lead the charge on this circuit know full well that the fans are the engine that drive it. The albums, singles, EPs and merch they create are also made with love, and inventiveness, and I firmly believe the metal bands have a much closer  and real connection with their fanbase than the ‘here today gone tomorrow’ culture perpetuated in mainstream pop.  People who loved metal in their teens do not grow out of it. The bands understand this loyalty, it is what keep them alive.

There is a contract between the metal fan and the metal band. It is a simple contract, consisting of a promise neither one will break:

We will never let you down.

Kev Moore

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