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Impressions of Holland – 1

L-R: Mike, Kev, Lars, Jan, Paul

Normally, when you’re on the road with a band, you get to see precious little of a country except the inside of your hotel room, your dressing room, and the stage. Last week though, although our schedule was pretty hectic, I did manage to explore a little of the Dutch town of Hoorn and of course Amsterdam, following our appearance at the 13th. Annual Heavy Metal Maniacs festival.(See pic above)

I thought I’d share some of those images with you on here.


I’m not sure who was taking pictures of who…..

This must be Lance Armstrong’s favourite place – a city full of bicycles and drugs!

I think the green bikes are for hire….or maybe they’re just hungover!

High-flying funfair in Amsterdam city centre

Hoorn Railway Station

Statue in Hoorn town centre. I think its a roadie carrying an Ampeg bass cab…

More to come!

Kev Moore

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