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Off topic: Out in the ‘hood

On a bridge over a (currently) dry river bed in Turre

Although we have a fairly strict fitness regime here at Moore towers, Sunday morning usually sees me crawling from my pit, giving the daily press-ups a weekend break, and plonking myself down in front of either office or studio computer like a month old, bleary-eyed sack of potatoes.  But today Miki suggested we head out for a walk. The wind was blowing a gale, yet it was curiously warm, so donning my boots off we went. now, we’ve been on bike rides in the surrounding area, but it’s amazing what you can discover just wandering around, even when you’ve lived here for years. We had a great wander over the fields and alongside the huge, sprawling river bed which had, unbelievably , just weeks before, been a raging torrent of floodwaters.

The village of Turre from a distance. In the far background you can see the foothills of the Sierra de los Filabres, with the villages of Los Pinos on the left, and Bedar on the right.

It’s also odd to view your village from an angle you’ve never seen it from before. This all might sound a bit strange, but you’d be surprised at how much people miss what is on their doorstep, especially when you travel so far and wide and often as we do. It’s yet another reminder that we are lucky to live in such a lovely place down here in Turre, Almeria, and that when we’re here, we need to get out more!

Kev Moore

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