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The culmination of a dream…

For those of you that follow my ‘Unsung heroes’ blog,  or indeed know anything about the musicians that have influenced me throughout my childhood and ongoing career as a musician, you will be aware how important Jess Roden is. He is one of a handful of musicians that shaped who I am, that inspired me to take up music as a profession against all the odds – and I’m still doing it now – 30-odd years later.  I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy many highlights, but today, when the clock strikes noon, surely ranks among them.  I’m so proud to be a part of something that started with a small article I published several years ago, celebrating Jess’s voice, and his work, and the storm of interest that followed, as I discovered many like-minded people out there who loved what he did as much as I.

The tireless efforts of Neil Storey have made our dreams become a reality as the definitive Jess Roden Anthology  becomes available to order at 12 o’clock. There could be no better person to make this happen.Neil, in collaboration with the singer of songs himself, has a rich background steeped in the traditions of that wonderful label, Island records, and his love for the music, and care taken over this project makes him exactly the right man for the job. I can imagine no other person overseeing this massive task, the sifting through the hours and hours of tapes, some near destruction, the salvaging, the restoring, the rendering with faithfulness, so that this anthology would be true to the artist and of its time. A very public thank you Neil, and of course Jess for all your hard work. Who could have imagined this day would come when I first wrote these words:

“Welcome to the first in an occasional series celebrating the work of singers that don’t always get the recognition they deserve….”

Well, he’s getting it now.

Kev Moore


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