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The outdated ‘Frontier Mentality’ that is killing America


As the U.S. reels once again from the effects of a tragedy of unspeakable proportions, the NRA will once again be circling the wagons in the finest Western movie tradition, and begin spouting the hackneyed line about ‘the right to bear arms.’  But it’s not the logic of the founding fathers that will save America. It is far more pertinent to look to Darwinism. In short: ‘Adapt, or die.’

I do not believe the wise and inspired people who drew up a charter to steer that great country a safe course through history would insist that their words should remain unchanging. The world changes, and we should change with it.  The logic of having the right to hold a weapon to defend your land as you seek to tame the wilderness and create a new frontier, a new nation, has become a hollow, sick joke in the 21st Century. It is simply an irrelevance in modern society, and a cruel affront to the now childless families whose hearts have been ripped out in Connecticut.

In what twisted, vicious universe can it be normal and legal for a 20 year-old to own a Glock, a Sig Sauer, and a rifle? Perhaps even more frightening is the number of people who take this terrible tragedy in Sandy Hook as a reason to have MORE guns, some even suggesting the teachers should be armed, the better to able to protect the children in their care. What madness is this?  Can any right-thinking human being really be suggesting that a loaded weapon in a classroom is a sensible option?

America, you must wake up now, and amend your laws accordingly. Look around you – your children are dying. Your FUTURE is dying. Do something before it’s too late, or your nation, like the villains from that older, outdated and romanticized era of your history, will bite the dust.

Kev Moore

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  1. Reblogged this on dinnerfornoone und kommentierte:
    it makes no sense to me- yes stop handguns – we don´t need them

    Comment by Stan | December 15, 2012

  2. I agree with every word written there, Kev.

    The “protect your frontier from any threats” mentality (that many Americans cling onto through romanticised notions of their “glorious” history as the New Country’s settlers stole the land and resources of the native Indians) seems very outdated and barbaric to many people in other countries – including me.

    Only a significant culture shift, surely led from the top with strong and clear legislation, and an effective system that provides positive social intervention, is likely to attenuate the propensity of unstable individuals to take the ultimate revenge on innocent citizens.

    What a terrible waste.

    Comment by David Mortimer | December 15, 2012

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