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Gun Law


I’m sure a lot of our Transatlantic cousins won’t agree with me on this one, and perhaps that’s the problem. A country that fought its way into being by the law of the gun, defending personal land claims from others, seems intrinsically unable to face the fact that ‘the right to bear arms’ is an area of their constitution that urgently needs revisiting. When a country’s hope and future – it’s children, are being mown down with shocking regularity, when it’s brave firemen and policemen, first responders, are lured to false alarms in order to be murdered, something HAS to change.  As a songwriter, I was moved to say something in the best way I know how…so here is ‘Gun Law‘. The lyrics are below. You’ll also here another voice on the song: The Chairman of the NRA. The words he speaks are his, but necessarily in the order in which he intended. Curiously though, he now makes more sense to me……

Land of the free Home of the dead
Clung to liberty while you children bled
2nd amendment, written in ink
Well let me tell you something your freedom stinks

Freedom to maim, freedom to kill
Freedom to mow them down at will
Do you believe that its the measure of man
That you must rip his gun from his cold dead hands

We must fan the flames of change
Not the flames of hate
Try to reconnect with that-  which made your country great
One child’s life is far too  high – a higher price to pay
Better put things right before – you meet your judgement day

Gun Law
Its all we ever talk about
Gun Law
No more
Let’s find something worth living for (living for)
Gun Law
Its all we ever talk about
Gun Law
No more…no more war

Say can you see by the dawns early light
what so proudly hails of bullets cut down in the night
You’d better believe that it’s coming to pass
 Watch the death of nations – while you sit on your ass

Death of child, death of a town
Death of a dream turned upside down
Do you believe that an innocent soul
Should be ripped from a child to achieve your goal?

We must fan the flames of change
Not the flames of hate
Try to reconnect with that-  which made your country great
One child’s life is far too  high – a higher price to pay
Better put things right before – you meet your judgement day

© Words and Music Kev Moore 2012

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  1. You actually think the guns are the problem? What a narrow mind. I will no longer follow your music because you feel it necessary to shove your political views down our throats. Tim McVey killed 168 people, 20 were under the age of six. You can still buy fertilizer, you can still buy racing fuel and you can still rent box trucks. Where’s your logic? It’s the people, not the guns Kev. Let’s put God back in our schools, let’s say the pledge of allegiance again and help develop a effective system with dealing with our nation’s mental health patients. Japan didn’t invade this country in WWII because we are a nation of hunters, millions of people own firearms, it is our right. Now, people like you want to take away those rights. The English tried it in 1775.

    Good bye Kev.

    Jerry W.

    Comment by Jerry Wallace | December 30, 2012

  2. Mmm…Jerry – I kind of think you’re making my point. HEY LOOK MOM, HE DOESN’T JUST SING ABOUT CARS AND GIRLS! I’m not saying it’s the ONLY problem – but the ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people ‘ argument is ringing a little hollow in Newtown this holiday season. If the guy had walked in with a baseball bat, because he couldn’t borrow his Mum’s assault rifle (can you imagine how unbelievable it is to me that I even have to write that last sentence?) do you think there would have been the same carnage? – and as for shoving my political views down people’s throats? hey, you don’t have to click play. It’s just my point of view, you know, freedom of speech…oh, wait……..Nice dig about the English by the way! 😉 Bye Jerry, at least you have your principles, even if I don’t agree with them.

    Comment by kevmoore | December 30, 2012

  3. I just happened to read Jerry’s comment, and I wonder if his sick love affair with guns would be so profound if he had a six-year-old daughter who was gunned down at her school while she sat pasting glitter on paper snowfakes while reciting the ABC’s.
    It strikes me funny that while Jerry is spouting off his right to bear arms, he’s also ignoring our laws regaring separation of Church and State. Jerry wants to “put God back in our schools.” Well, Jerry, if there is a God, he sure is one mean dude, to allow these inocent children to be gunned down by some whacko with an assault riffle. What did they do to deserve this, forget to say their prayers before bedtime?
    And by the way, Jerry, you’d better check your facts and the history books before you propose the whys and wherefores of Japan’s attack on the US. Guess what: it has nothing to do with our right to bear arms. If you feel the need to walk the streets with an assault rifle, why not move to Syria or some other countryat war where you can walk the streets toting your pseudo dick.
    My hat’s off to Kev Moore for his heartfelt, profound lyrics. Love your music, Kev, keep at it.

    Comment by Pamela Allegretto | January 4, 2013

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