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Santa Cruz – and Moore Music!


So today, as our time in Tenerife draws to a close, we headed into the capital of the island, Santa Cruz, coincidentally on the very day the courts here sentenced a Bulgarian lunatic for beheading a 60 year-old British woman in a supermarket down the coast in Los Cristianos. Yes, you read that right. It’s not all ‘idyllic paradise’ over here….

A  Happy Kev in Santa Cruz with his CD haul...

A Happy Kev in Santa Cruz with his CD haul…

Anyway, I wasn’t overly impressed with the city itself, I imagine its ‘best face’ is the waterfront and port, but it’s undergoing something of a facelift at the moment and offers only green industrial sheeting, corrugated metal and barriers as opposed to broad avenues at the water’s edge. Now, I’d had some luck near to our apartment yesterday finding a Judas Priest album, and Santa Cruz proved to be a happy hunting ground also. I found another great little CD shop which yielded a great find: Joe Walsh’s latest ‘The Analog Man’ complete with bonus DVD, and only 6.50 euros! I’d been after this CD ever since Stone wrote a series of articles about it on Metal Odyssey.

On our way out of town I spied ‘El Corte Inglese’ – a huge department store with outlets all over Spain. It means ‘The English Line’, or something, but there’s not much English about it really. But… they do still have CD department!  A lot of the stuff is WAY overpriced, but the bargain section was well worth a look, as I came away with:

A double edition Firefly/Abominog by Uriah Heep (Featuring a friend of mine Pete Goalby on vocals)

Queen’s  ‘Queen ll’ remastered and ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ remastered – albums from what  I consider to be their halcyon days

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Presence’ remastered – enough said!

The soundtrack album of the HBO series  ‘Treme’  set in New Orleans, one of my favourite cities, and with the added bonus that it features a track by a band we befriended when we visited ‘The Big Easy’ – The New Orleans Jazz Vipers’ and our friend on trumpet – Jack Fine.

…and all this great music for just 30 euros!  Wow! Another great day in Tenerife…or perhaps that should be ‘a tenner each’? haha! What really set the whole trip off beautifully was my incredibly generous partner Miki buying the whole lot for me as a gift – am I lucky or what?

Kev Moore

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