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Metal Odyssey puts DEMON IN THE MIROR at #2 in it’s Top 10 songs of 2013! Hell yeah!

Originally posted on Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog:

Revolution Harmony - We Are - promo cover pic - #2

METAL ODYSSEY’S TOP TEN SONGS OF 2013 – Within the release of untold thousands of Hard Rock and Metal songs during this past year, these are the songs chosen as Metal Odyssey’s Top Ten Of 2013! 

This is a list of songs that I’ve turned to countless times during 2013; songs to psyche me out, lift me up and shake me loose! I hail the musicians and songwriters behind each song listed here; for each song on this list is uniquely special. A link is below each album cover; sending you to a 2013 Metal Odyssey post featured on that respective song. I sincerely hope you can enjoy one, a few or all of these songs!

Metal be thy name. – Stone



Krokus - Dirty Dynamite - promo cover pic!

KROKUS “Dög Song” – New Music Video ROCKS And Is Hilarious!

Above link is for an original post featured on Metal Odyssey on June…

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  1. So what’s your favourite track ?

    Comment by Suz | January 15, 2014

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