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Interview for the Almeria Life channel

Here’s an interview with me from my studio, The Indalo Cave, conducted by Almeria Life’s Catherine Eleman, in which I discuss my work across the different bands and genres. Enjoy!

Kev Moore

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  1. Reblogged this on Metal Odyssey > Heavy Metal Music Blog and commented:
    A grand interview Kev Moore has with Almeria Life’s Catherine Eleman!! Long Live Kev Moore \m/\m/

    Comment by Metal Odyssey | February 7, 2014

  2. Fantastic and interesting interview ,Kev .Hope to see you in October .

    Comment by Rainer | February 7, 2014

  3. Fabulous interview! My compliments!!!

    Comment by pamelaallegretto | February 7, 2014

  4. Cheers Rainer!

    Comment by kevmoore | February 7, 2014

  5. Thanks Pam – glad you liked it! 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | February 7, 2014

  6. Lovely interview! Great to catch up with you again, Kev. Best wishes to you and Miki.

    Comment by shelleymhouse | February 9, 2014

  7. Thank you Shelley! Great to hear from you again! Sending love from us both. i was only thinking of you yesterday, drinking from your ‘coffee nebula’ mug! 🙂

    Comment by kevmoore | February 9, 2014

  8. Really nice interview Kev. Feel I know a lot more about your music and a whole lot more after your chat to Catherine. Liked your comments about travelling which are similar thoughts to me. Great to be at these interesting places but a pain getting there and coming back. I’m in Limerick for 5 days and not looking forward to travelling back to London area again. Heard you mention the west of Ireland which as you know is a lovely area. I used to enter the 100 word story now and then in Catherines mag and she gave me good words of encouragement. Back in Almeria area March,so hope to see you play live that way soon.

    Comment by Tony Fowler | February 9, 2014

  9. Hi Tony, and thanks! Yes, hopefully I’ll be doing a show or two locally this Spring/Summer.

    Comment by kevmoore | February 10, 2014

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