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Fiesta time in Turre 2011

It’s always exciting when October rolls around down here in my village of Turre, because that means it’s Fiesta time!  The previous week, I’d performed with an old friend for a benefit concert in neighbouring Mojacar, but more of that in a later post.

For our Fiesta, I’d been asked by Neil, who runs The Pasty Shack on the Main street, to do a solo gig there on Saturday night, which I agreed to. It gave me a chance to perform the greater part of my Blue Odyssey album,  several other original compositions, and songs from friends and collaborators.  It was a great night, and I had fun juggling between two guitars and a bass!

For the Sunday night, I was  to link up with my mate Mario from Los Mezcaleros, to perform a short guest set at his bar, Zambra.  the video here shows us performing the old classic ‘Smoke on the water’.

I love to get up and play locally on occasion, just to keep my hand in, and I guess that might be the last time for a while as BC Sweet and Christie start to get busy in October and November.

Keep checking back, as I plan to put photos from this show and the Mojacar charity show up on the site.

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey Reviewed…..

My last solo release “Blue Odyssey” has recently been reviewed by Martin Leedham over at HIS REVIEW BLOG

Martin’s blog is a treasure store of insightful reviews of a host of classic albums from way back when up to the present day, and I’m happy and honoured to be in such good company. Below is a snippet from the review, but just click on the link to read the whole thing, and take some time to check out some of his other excellent reviews, too.

“….The most recent and ambitious of those releases is “Blue Odyssey”, an album which tells the story of his road trip across the southern states of America undertaken in early 2010. During the 75 minute opus Moore manages to contribute vocals, bass, electric, acoustic and slide guitars, keyboard, drums and mouth organ. Making it a true solo album in the real sense of the word. However, there is still room for some talented guests and friends to join in throughout the eighteen track affair which, although obviously predominantly blues based, manages to encompass many a style and mood.………………….“Blue Odyssey” is fundamentally a blues album from a highly talented musician that has a great love of old school blues music and musicians. However it covers many other styles of music and although steeped in delta blues feeling and lyrical imagery it is much more than just a blues album. Gospel, funk, rock, soul and even a bit of old time boogie woogie are all thrown in the mix at one point or another and help to make the musical journey for the listener as enjoyable as the actual physical journey was for Moore. The only negatives for me are the slight over use of sampled soundbites and a slight concern that the length of the album may lead to attention wandering issues for some listeners. They don’t, however, prevent this from being an excellent and highly recommended album. Moore’s lengthy career in rock and pop music is evident throughout and the clever use of comedy in some of the lyrics add to the all round good feel of the album. This is not your doom and gloom woe is me blues offering by any stretch of the imagination but a celebration of cultures brought together under the banner of a Blue Odyssey……..”

If you want to order a copy of Blue Odyssey, just click on the link in the sidebar >>>>>>>>>>

Kev Moore

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More and Moore Music!

Don’t forget music-lovers, I have a host of product out there: including 2 full albums as digital downloads, “The Long Walk Home” and “The Songwriter Diaries” COMPLETELY FREE! Plus, available to buy from Shop:Kev,  My DCFC tribute CD “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, and my latest CD, the 18 track “Blue Odyssey”.

Click on the picture links to explore, listen, download and buy!

Kev Moore

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My Other Job……

Kev with El Retiro gallery owner Curtis Helm

Today, with not a little fear and trepidation, I presented for the very first time and exhibition of my artworks at El Retiro gallery, hosted by Curtis Helm in our village here in Turre.

I was really pleased with the turn out

I can stand in front of 1,000’s of people and sing, it’s my job, and I’m confident in my abilities, but my artwork is something I’ve kept much more to myself over the years, gradually allowing Miki to coax it out of its shell.

"But why is the squirrel blue?" - an Artist explains

I was overjoyed then, to find it so well-received by the local community, selling one piece and a couple of my Blue Odyssey CD’s into the bargain! It was fun to see the public so engaged in the art, drawing comparisons with their own lives, kids, or experiences, or just enjoying the humour that I hope pervade the majority of them.

"Your name's not down mate, you're not coming in" - Full House

Certainly, for me, the interest, and of course the sale, gives me the necessary impetus to continue, and perhaps even exhibit again this year. So I can now order that bumper sticker that proudly exclaims; “My other job is ‘Artist’!”

The picture says it all.......

If you want to buy any of my prints, click on the widget below:

Art PrintsKev Moore

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Joe Willie “Pinetop” Perkins : July 7, 1913 – March 21, 2011

It was with the deepest, most profound sadness that I discovered today that Pinetop Perkins had passed away peacefully at his home in Austin, Texas. It was just over a year ago that I had the singular pleasure of meeting this legendary 96 year-old delta bluesman, shaking his hand getting him to sign a CD and watching him perform. He amazed and inspired me. So much so, that I wrote a song about him: “96 on Sixth” for my album of the trip, Blue Odyssey.


My cartoon inspired by meeting Pinetop at Nuno's

Few people in this world are worthy of the accolade ‘legendary’. but Pine was one of them. The album he signed for me, recorded aged 94, was evidence of his continuing dedication to music, and was full of guest appearances from Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimmy Vaughn, etc – showing in just how high regard he was held.  He also won a Grammy last year for his collaboration with Willy ‘Big Eyes’ Smith.


The CD he signed for me

Bluesmen like Pine are International treasures, and with his passing a little more of the Blues moves from the present into the history books. We need to keep it alive, singing his songs, and playing his wonderful records. Pinetop, the honour was mine, I salute you. God bless. R.I.P.

Here’s the song I wrote for him, featuring Stef Cybichowski on drums, who told me the sad news today. This one’s for you Pinetop.

Visit Pinetop’s website to find out more about him.

Kev Moore

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Outside the Lorraine Motel- now the Civil Rights museum, Memphis

It hardly seems possible that one year ago, on Martin Luther King day, we stood in line to visit the Civil Rights museum in Memphis, on the site of the Lorraine Motel where he was assassinated. It was a profoundly moving experience, and we felt honoured to be there.  Here’s the song from my album “Blue Odyssey” that I was inspired to write that day – Long Black Ribbon

Long Black Ribbon

So we rolled up to Memphis, January 15
well this was one thing that I really had to see
everybody there, paying homage to the man he was

It was along black ribbon
stretching down the street
Filled with the people to honour his memory
Everybody came to honour the man and his cause

As we went into the museum
I began to feel our shame
Learned about Harriet and the underground train
Learned about a lady by the name of Rosa Parks
How a young girl’s courage finally lit the spark

It was a long black ribbon
Down through history
Filled with the people who wouldn’t let it be
Everybody came to honour that man, that cause

I made the journey
Through the Lorraine Motel
Paused in 306
And the balcony where he fell

Ray fired the bullet, and he thought his deed was done
But they only shouted louder
“We shall overcome”

It was a long black ribbon
Hear the people sing
The times they were a-changing thanks to Martin Luther King
Everybody came to honour that man, that cause

Words and music © Kev Moore 2010

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Blue Odyssey Featured on Friday in the DET

You can read the whole article by following THIS LINK to the Derby Telegraph Website

Kev Moore

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My music, Online and Hard Copy!

Today I wanted to feature some of my recorded works, and how to get them!

You can buy the Tubeless Hearts album “Three”, my DCFC album “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, my covers project album Dedication:“Under the Covers” and of course my new album “Blue Odyssey” all from our online shop MIKISMART.

My 2009 solo album “The Long Walk Home” is also available online absolutely FREE by clicking on the album image below:

Kev Moore


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BBC Radio Derby Kev Moore Interview – Extended Edition!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to hear my interview on the BBC iplayer, I’ve made it available here permanently, with the addition of a couple of extra song samples: The Co-Op Cow from Fan Fayre for the Commons People, and 96 on Sixth from Blue Odyssey.

It has a run time of just under 25 minutes and in addition to my interview with Colin Bloomfield and the above-mentioned tracks, also features snippets from Derby Pride, Who Dat?! and Commons People.

Kev Moore

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BBC Radio Derby Interview

Thursday’s Sport at 6 on BBC Radio Derby hosted by Colin Bloomfield saw me interviewed at length about Blue Odyssey, Fan Fayre for the Commons people, The Mighty Rams and my trip across America earlier in the year. If you missed it, you can catch up via the BBC iplayer:

Kev Moore


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