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Witch Cross captured LIVE!

As we undertook our concerts across Denmark, Sweden and Holland last week, our every move onstage was captured by a plethora of fabulous photographers, and I wanted to feature some of their shots here.They’ve a got one thing in common: the ability to capture just how much fun we were having onstage! The tour was a blast, and we can’t wait to get out there in 2013, bringing Witch Cross songs old and new to you!


Jan, Paul & Mike: Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Kev & Jan: Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Mike & Kev: Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland


Mike & Kev: Supporting Gotthard @ Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden

Lars, Mike, Kev, Jan & Paul: Supporting Gotthard @Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden

Supporting Gotthard @ Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden


Kev, Paul, Mike & Jan @ Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Mike @ Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Mike, Kev , Jan & Paul @ Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn Holland

There were so many more, from all the shows, and our thanks go out to all the photographers,  out there who took the time to document our tour and and indeed festival and venue organizers, and the guys in Gotthard who made it even more memorable!  See you on the road in 2013!

Kev Moore

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Impressions of Holland – 3

The third and final part of my photographic account of some down-time in Hoorn and Amsterdam while on tour with Witch Cross last week.

The sun goes down in Hoorn….

No traffic jams on these thoroughfares….

Eddie Van Halen’s trademark guitar from his personal collection: Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

Pink Dude

The Fabulous Leaning Buildings of Hoorn….

Well waddaya know? Calendar displaying my birthday in Hoorn market- Spooky, huh?

Hope you enjoyed the trip!

Kev Moore

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Impressions of Holland – 2

Following on form my previous post Impressions of Holland – 1, here’s a few more shots from my recent visit to the Netherlands with Witch Cross.

The Amsterdam Hard Rock, where I felt suddenly moved to eat an Apple and Toffee Cobbler with Ice-Cream, because that’s the kind of guy I am….

All go on a Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam. Main train station in the far distance

Totally random but very cool building in the centre of Hoorn

Reflections of Amsterdam….

The beautiful facade of Amsterdam railway station

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, described by Churchill as “the only real man” amongst the governments-in-exile during WWII. She reigned for 58 years, longer than any other Dutch monarch, and was an inspiration to her country whilst it was occupied by that bothersome chap with the silly moustache.

Even more to come!

Kev Moore

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Impressions of Holland – 1

L-R: Mike, Kev, Lars, Jan, Paul

Normally, when you’re on the road with a band, you get to see precious little of a country except the inside of your hotel room, your dressing room, and the stage. Last week though, although our schedule was pretty hectic, I did manage to explore a little of the Dutch town of Hoorn and of course Amsterdam, following our appearance at the 13th. Annual Heavy Metal Maniacs festival.(See pic above)

I thought I’d share some of those images with you on here.


I’m not sure who was taking pictures of who…..

This must be Lance Armstrong’s favourite place – a city full of bicycles and drugs!

I think the green bikes are for hire….or maybe they’re just hungover!

High-flying funfair in Amsterdam city centre

Hoorn Railway Station

Statue in Hoorn town centre. I think its a roadie carrying an Ampeg bass cab…

More to come!

Kev Moore

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Home again…what a trip!

Well, as Midnight struck on Sunday night, I finally arrived home in Turre, after a drive from Alicante and a flight from Amsterdam. The Rocktober tour was a great success, and we made many new friends and fans along the way, as we played in Copenhagen (Denmark), and Helsingborg (Sweden) with Swiss rockers GOTTHARD – Fredericia, (Denmark) in the rock pub Kahytten, and The Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival in Hoorn, just North of Amsterdam, Holland.

Bass player Jan relaxes between soundchecks…

The HMM festival was a great way to finish the trip on a high, and the songs both old and new were well-received by the fantastic crowd. We’ve put quite a lot of promo in place during the hours we weren’t gigging and travelling, which will become apparent as we go into the New Year and ready ourselves for finishing and releasing the new album.  We’ll also be getting out and gigging to promote it too!

Soundchecking in Sweden

Gotthard very graciously let us use their new electronic matrix backdrop screen – that’s Gotthard soundchecking right there!

A road trip like this also helps bring the band closer together, personally as well as musically, and we had a lot of laughs on the tour, a lot of it provided by crazy signs!

Don’t think I’ll be eating here, thanks…..

If you were a bloke, would you buy your clothes here? ….didn’t think so!

I got up early on the last morning so I could have breakfast with the guys. Lars, Jan and Poul were setting off in the ‘Witchmobile’ back to Denmark and Sweden, Mike had a midday flight out of Schipol to London, and as my flight to Spain wasn’t until 17.55, I took the train into Amsterdam and hung out, wandering the streets and checking out the Hard Rock and the shops and the sights.

Quintessential Amsterdam….

Witch Cross are back!

Many many thanks to the huge number of people who are helping us realize the dream all over again, including videographer Peter Hansen

Kev Moore

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