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Off topic: Don’t give up the day job….Artwork as a sideline to Music.


You may or may not know, but in addition to my career as a musician, I like to create artworks when the mood takes me. Recent weeks have seen a nice return for this activity, as I’ve sold a variety of items featuring my art in one way or another. I thought it might be a good time to share them.

A few weeks ago I sold some greetings cards featuring ‘Souperman’, and ‘Dali the Dog’, and more recently, a couple of T-shirts featuring my ‘Like Father like Son‘ artwork. Then yesterday, a framed print of Pinetop Perkins, (see above) the legendary bluesman I had the pleasure to meet in Austin, Texas in 2010, when at the grand old age of 96, he proceeded to get up on stage and blow me away.

SoupermansmallPaw Artist smallLikeFatherLikeSonsmall

I was inspired to write the song, ’96 on Sixth’ about the experience and it featured on my album ‘Blue Odyssey’ from the same year. You can hear it by clicking on the widget below:

It’s always fun to create art, and always a big incentive to do more when people appreciate and buy it! -and with that in mind, click on the Fine Art America logo below if you are interested in any of my artworks


Kev Moore

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Joe Willie “Pinetop” Perkins : July 7, 1913 – March 21, 2011

It was with the deepest, most profound sadness that I discovered today that Pinetop Perkins had passed away peacefully at his home in Austin, Texas. It was just over a year ago that I had the singular pleasure of meeting this legendary 96 year-old delta bluesman, shaking his hand getting him to sign a CD and watching him perform. He amazed and inspired me. So much so, that I wrote a song about him: “96 on Sixth” for my album of the trip, Blue Odyssey.


My cartoon inspired by meeting Pinetop at Nuno's

Few people in this world are worthy of the accolade ‘legendary’. but Pine was one of them. The album he signed for me, recorded aged 94, was evidence of his continuing dedication to music, and was full of guest appearances from Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimmy Vaughn, etc – showing in just how high regard he was held.  He also won a Grammy last year for his collaboration with Willy ‘Big Eyes’ Smith.


The CD he signed for me

Bluesmen like Pine are International treasures, and with his passing a little more of the Blues moves from the present into the history books. We need to keep it alive, singing his songs, and playing his wonderful records. Pinetop, the honour was mine, I salute you. God bless. R.I.P.

Here’s the song I wrote for him, featuring Stef Cybichowski on drums, who told me the sad news today. This one’s for you Pinetop.

Visit Pinetop’s website to find out more about him.

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey Featured on Friday in the DET

You can read the whole article by following THIS LINK to the Derby Telegraph Website

Kev Moore

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We’re going Santamental!


Only 5 Euros for a limited time only........

....when you buy THIS!














Call it the spirit of the season, call it whatever you like, but here at Moore music towers, we’ve decided to make a special Christmas offer to all Rams Fans, in honour of the release of my new album and the resurgence of DCFC, and Mr. Common’s goalscoring prowess.

Yes, if you buy my new CD Blue Odyssey, you will be able to purchase my DCFC album Fan Fayre for the Commons People for just 5 Euros! This offer only lasts until Christmas, so get busy! If you’ve already got a copy, this is a great opportunity to buy one for a loved one, or even your wife!

(N.B. This offer does not apply to the Limited “Red Dog” edition)

Just go to MIKISMART, order in the Blue Odyssey CD + Fan Fayre CD window (where the Mikismart link takes you)


Kev Moore

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A different kind of Pinetop tribute!

Eagerly awaiting the first copies of Blue Odyssey – arriving from the company any day now – and I thought I’d share with you one of my artistic creations. It’s the first time my art and music have ‘met’ really. I have a song about the legendary Delta Bluesman Pinetop Perkins on the new album, called “96 on Sixth”, A reference to his amazing age and also Sixth street in Austin, where he still performs at Nuno’s.

Pine turned 97 this summer, and is truly a living legend. I thought I’d use him as inspiration for one of my music character pieces. Here it is:

If you want to buy a giclee print of Pinetop in various sizes, framed or otherwise, just click on the widget below:

Art Prints

It also seems like a good time to tell you about a new site started by Miki, currently featuring her, myself, and our friend Pamela Allegretto Franz. It is called PAINTING THE MUSIC and its eventual aim is to feature artwork from artists all over the world portraying music and dance.

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey: Release date set for October 31st!

My new album, Blue Odyssey, goes on sale at the end of this month – but you can pre-order it NOW by visiting MIKISMART,  and get yourself a FREE download of my song “The Turre Stomp” into the bargain!

Weighing in at 18 tracks spanning over 75 minutes and presented in a quality full colour 6 panel digipak, I’m really proud of it. To order from our online shop it costs just 10 euros + 3 euros p&p.

The songs take you on the same journey I made through the music heartland of America earlier this year, geographically and chronologically, the lyrics describing my experiences and the people I met along the way, with guest contributions from musicians from Arkansas, Ohio, Georgia, and London – not to mention legendary King Biscuit time presenter “Sunshine” Sonny Payne.

Order yourselves a copy now!

Kev Moore

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Brought it down in Austin

So, ’96 on 6th’ is roughly arranged and has been sent to my mate Stef for him to add his drum track to, and I’ve turned my attention to ‘Brought it down in Austin’ – a song about the amazing and horrific events that unfolded less than a mile from where we were staying in that Texas city. A lone pilot (perversely, an ex-bass player) aggrieved with his taxation, flew a single engined aircraft loaded with fuel into the IRS building on a February morning, killing himself and an IRS employee.  We saw the angry plume of black smoke rising, and headed up the freeway to check it out.  A huge hole had appeared in the front of the building flames licking around it, the plane virtually disintegrated. Considering the carnage, It was amazing the death toll wasn’t higher.Macabre subject matter for a song maybe, but a gift nontheless. I couldn’t ignore it.

I’ve spent some time today tidying the drum track that I played myself – trying to make it sound like a proper drummer!  I’ll be working on it again tomorrow.

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey Sampler

Guitar not to scale........

As the recording of “Blue Odyssey” continues apace, I thought it was about time I gave everyone a ‘sneak peek’ at what I have been up to, so I’ve put together a small sampler, giving a taste of seven of the songs that will eventually appear on the album. They are in no particular order, and in some cases aren’t perhaps the definitive mix, but I think they give an idea of the cross-section of influences I’ve drawn on for the project.  The tracks are as follows:

1 Parrot Beach Cafe – a song about a real venue that Miki and I visited in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Two of the musicians who regularly play there are featured on the track, Gil Franklin on slide guitar and Patrick ‘Jawbone’ Kenyon on blues harp.

2 Pass the Biscuits – a song about the legendary King Biscuit Time and its presenter ‘Sunshine’ Sonny Payne. broadcasting out of Helena, Arkansas, Sonny also appears on the full version of this track, and the drums are by Stef Cybichowksi.

3 Never get to Nashville – this song tells the story of our eventual journey to America, in Nashville style, of course! the full version will feature Shelley House of Atlanta on fiddle, and as a Delta airlines hostess!

4 A Mississippi Prayer – simply inspired by our time in the delta, absorbing the rich musical heritage, we couldn’t fail to be touched by it.

5 What a Night it Was – a strange tale….influenced by the night we got back to our hotel in Austin, Texas, to find that the whole area had been cordoned off by the Police, and the forensic teams were out in force.

6 A Cellarful of Dreams – This was a side of Nashville I hadn’t expected – an alternative scene, very vibrant and encapsulated by the Tuesday nights at The Basement. Great music, great memories. The song in full runs through several different styles, mirroring the diversity of the acts on stage.

7 Buttermilk Boogie – A bit of fun, inspired by my love of the Waffle House chain! I hope to submit the finished version to the company, so it may feature on the jukeboxes in each of their restaurants.

So, click on the player below to get a little taste of my forthcoming album!

Kev Moore

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96 on Sixth

My attention now turns to the song “96 on Sixth” – which is a tribute to Pinetop Perkins. It describes meeting him at Nuno’s on Austin’s famous Sixth street, and seeing him perform, and will be another ‘signpost’ in my Blue Odyssey song series -part of the trip that will become my next album. The word legend is bandied about in the music world with monotonous regularity these days, and bestowed on one-dimensional johnny-come-lately’s not fit to wear the crown. But in Pinetop’s case, it is richly deserved . He is the oldest surviving Delta Bluesman who still performs at the grand old age of 96, and recorded an album with stars such as BB King and Eric Clapton at the age of 94. I was dumbstruck to see him launch into “Got my mojo workin'” at Nuno’s. The guy is just incredible, and an inspiration. I just had to do a song about him.  Shaking his hand was like connecting directly to the Mississippi delta all those years ago, it was an unbelievable privilege.

I just hope the song will do him justice. I’ve lifted a line from his song ‘barefootin’ to intro the track – “everybody get on your feet” and hope to dovetail it nicely into the song, and the chorus shoutbacks will echo titles – take it easy babydown in mississippi, etc., to give a flavour of his work.

Once again this track will go over to my friend Stef for the drums to be added.  I hope to present the finished version to Nuno’s where Pinetop hangs out.  It’s a sincere homage to a remarkable character. Don’t stop what your doin’, Pinetop!

Kev Moore

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Austin Power – let the music do the talking!

Trying basses in the Guitar centre, Austin

The criminal events that have punctuated our week here notwithstanding, I have to take this opportunity to champion Austin’s greatest treasure – its Music Scene. From their homage to a fallen son, Stevie Ray Vaughan to the gargantuan SXSW festival, upcoming in March which showcases hundereds of bands from all over the world, and often features surprise sets from stellar acts, this city oozes music from its every pore.

I chat with Pee Wee after his show at Nuno's

Sixth street is the hub of all this activity, where most nights you can catch two bands to a venue, all playing for tips, generally with no cover charge. It is a feast for the ears.

I have seen at least three great blues guitarists within two days, including Chris Ruest, whose album we bought. the talent here is real, and legion. The fabulous PeeWee in Nuno’s last night had a voice to die for.

The Chris Ruest band

It was a poignant moment for me to visit the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan. My late friend, the drummer Keith Webb, came out to Austin to rehearse with Stevie for a month, when the blues rock prodigy was just 17. “Even then, ” said Keith to me a few years ago, “I knew he was special”.   It has also been strange to hear Keith’s drumming regularly on a TV ad here – Donovan’s “Any trick in the book” airs often in a car ad, and I often think of Keith when I hear his drumming on the track. Perhaps he’s here visiting Austin with us, in spirit.

Me and SRV.....

I’ll leave Austin with great musical memories, and try to forget the crime.

Kev Moore

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