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Trevor Bolder R.I.P. The Bass is a little quieter tonight….


I never met Trevor, though it was close-run thing. We were sharing the bill at a festival in Banja Luka, Bosnia in 2010, he with Uriah Heep, me with BC Sweet. We were appearing on different days and as luck would have it, we were scheduled to fly from Sarajevo to another show in Germany before they arrived.  I know Pete, their ex-lead singer, and I was eager to meet the band – one of the stalwarts of British Rock. A band that defy the odds, particularly around that time, when they released the superb ‘Wake The Sleeper’ album.  According to Andy Warhol,  everyone gets their ’15 minutes of fame’, but it’s a testament to the esteem in which he was held that he got ’30 minutes’- not only a lynchpin of Uriah Heep for many years, but also one of the iconic Spiders from Mars that contributed so much to Bowie’s (in my opinion) most classic albums “Hunky Dory”, “Ziggy Stardust” and “Aladdin Sane”. Those three albums were a huge part of the musical backdrop to my youth. 62 is far too young. Another musical hero gone, and the bass is just that little bit quieter tonight.

R.I.P. Trevor

Kev Moore

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Bosnia and HURTS-ogovina!

Miki and I have just returned from our travels around Cadiz and Portugal, but more words and pics from that adventure later. Arriving back at our other place in Albir last week,  Miki visited family and I flew to the UK from Alicante and began a crazy 36 hours, where I visited no less than 7 countries!  Incredibly it was all in aid of 2  one hour shows, one in Banja Luka, Bosnia, ( a festival supporting Uriah Heep) and one near Bremen in Germany, with BC Sweet.

My journey: Fly from Alicante to Stansted Thursday night and overnight at the airport Hilton, then fly from Stansted to Graz in Austria on Friday with the rest of the band, where we were picked up and driven 600 kilometers through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and finally Bosnia, arriving at the gig around 10 pm at night. getting out of the bus, I promptly threw up under a tree, and wondered if I would make it onto the stage. after leaving the lads to soundcheck, the driver took me to our hotel (or so I thought – more on that later) where I had a wash and exactly 10 minutes sleep to try and jump start my system. Somehow, it worked, and I returned to the gig in time to be interviewed for Bosnian TV and get on stage for the televised show. See a couple of songs from the show by visiting our My Space videos.

Following a shaky, but surprisingly energetic performance, we were whisked off to the hotel, to find that we were not booked in at all. Apparently, I had been given a room at random after surrendering my passport – a move I was starting to view as unwise….

I managed to get my stuff out, and reclaim my passport, and we all went off, exhausted, into the night to search for a hotel, eventually finding sleep in the imaginatively-named Hotel Bosna. After an early breakfast, we were sheperded onto the road again and driven for a further 4 hours to Sarajevo, which thankfully now has a crater-less runway, and we flew to Cologne in Germany, landing an hour late around 7pm Saturday evening. We had a three hour drive ahead of us, and an onstage time of midnight, which somehow, we managed, even turning in a good show. The other lads drew the short straw, and after just having time to shower, headed back into the night at 2am, driving to Dusseldorf in order to fly to Stansted at 6am Sunday morning. I fared better, having a positively leisurely 10am breakfast, and was driven the 2 and a half hours to Paderborn airport, eventually arriving back in Alicante at 9pm Sunday night. And they call this the glamorous life!

Kev Moore

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