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Happy Easter!

Sometimes, I do really daft stuff. This is one of those times. A few years back I threw together a few eggs, and made an omelette of a video of ineggscrable  puns, all to the tune of Irving Berlin’s ‘Easter parade’ on Electric guitar. Seemed like a good idea at the time! So, here it is again!

Kev Moore

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Churros, Chocolate and CD’s!

CD's, Churros and Chocolate makes Kev a happy boy....

CD’s, Churros and Chocolate makes Kev a happy boy….

A trip today into La Laguna saw a third day of CD action! Yes, I managed to locate yet another
CD shop, and a handful of bargains into the…er….bargain!
Today, I snagged a 17 track Dio compilation imaginatively titled ‘The Collection’, for just 5.50 euros, A great powerpop album by
Odds‘Nest’, for just ONE measly euro! AND Scottish rockers Gun‘s 1997 numerically entitled offering ‘014316326326
for just 2 euros!  The mighty Miki once again offered to buy them for me, but this time on the
strict condition that I pick up the tab in the next cafe….so off we went around the old Tenerife
capital and found a place offering Hot Chocolate and Churros, so we dug in! Check out the pictures, LOADS
of Churros!!! -and guess what? the bill was even cheaper than the CDs!  Am I lucky or what? haha!

..And if you’re wondering, yes, they were delicious! Here’s a close-up…

It's good to be bad....

It’s good to be bad….

Kev Moore

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