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Chrissy Porter – The Download!

Well, just in the nick of time I’ve finished “Chrissy Porter” inspired by the late Mick Ronson’s classic “Billy Porter” – in order to make it available as a free download for Rams fans as a New Year’s gift! You can hear it on the player underneath the lyrics below, but if you want a download, please send me your email address to and I’ll send you an MP3 of the track. It’s a homage to our striker Chris Porter, who, when fit has proved he can find the back of the net with the best of ’em!

He came down from Motherwell
A bargain? we just couldn’t tell – a stranger
But Cloughie has an eye you see
And pretty soon we saw he was a danger

For his eyes they could see only the goal
And the opposition’s gonna be rolled
East End Park is far behind him now
He’ll give his all for DCFC

Running past and running fast
He turns the opposition for a corner
Thought I heard his running feet
He struck the ball just right, and sweet
Like thunder

Well I saw it hit the back of the net
And Chrissy Porter’s clearly not finished yet
And I never ever realised
That we could still unearth such a gem

Chrissy Porter
We never realized that you’d be the one
Chrissy Porter
When you started knocking goals in for fun
Look what you done!

Well I’ve never heard my heart beat so fast
As defence after defence you slipped past
And I never ever realised
How much you’d bring to Derby County
Let me tell ya’

Now Chrissy’s smart and Chrissy’s tough
But recently he’s had it rough
He told me

‘My hip has been knocked outta sight
But for the Rams I’m gonna fight
Stay by me’

Now he’s getting better
Each and every day
And I think that in his place
he might stay
And I never, ever realized
What a marksman he would turn out to be

Chrissy Porter
You always got the other team on the run
Chrissy Porter
When you joined you said
That this place is fun
Let’s get it done

Chrissy Porter
You proved to be an instant hit with the fans
Chrissy Porter
When you came down here
And played for the Rams

Come on the Rams!

Produced, Arranged and Performed by Kev Moore, Lyrics by Kev Moore © 2009



Kev Moore

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