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Out in the Islands

As some of you may know, I’ve just returned from a couple of months touring around Cyprus and Crete, and as the former is now home to my dear friend and one-time bandmate and producer Clyde Ward, Miki and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of dropping in for a visit. Sadly, his wife Jane was in the UK, so we didn’t get to see her, but at least she phoned up to ensure he was looking after us! 🙂

We go back a long way – here’s the two of us (yes, I’m blonde!) at The Pipeline club in New Jersey, on The Gonads 1998 U.S.Tour

I see Clyde too infrequently, he’s a good mate and we did some good work and had some great times together. But who knows what’s around the corner? We may do something together again one day.

When I recorded with him many years ago, he had a wonderful German shepherd called Indy. Indy’s long since passed on – but the two beauties he’s got now are fabulous!

Tomorrow, I’m off traveling again, flying via London to Copenhagen for final rehearsals with Witchcross before  our appearance at the Keep it true festival in Germany on Friday. Get ready to rock!

Kev Moore

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