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Witch Cross – Axe to Grind


Kev Moore

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Witch Cross – Demon in the Mirror

Well, the day has finally arrived when we can share with you the brand new video shot by Peter Hansen, of our first track from the forthcoming ‘Axe to Grind’ album, ‘Demon in the Mirror,’ released shortly on Hells  Headbangers Records and written by guitarist Mike Koch and myself, its just one of a whole bunch of in your face metal anthems coming your way this summer…..Enjoy!

Kev Moore 

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The Vikings are coming!

Check out the new album teaser trailer for our forthcoming album ‘AXE TO GRIND’.

WITCH CROSS are back !

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross kick off their 2013 gig campaign in their birthplace – Hillerød, Denmark


Friday, May 31st 2013 sees Witch Cross taking to the stage in their hometown of Hillerød, in North Sjaelland, Denmark. The gig will be their first of the year and will follow hot on the heels of a new album, mixed by metal legend Chris Tsangarides, set for release a month earlier – their first since their debut ‘Fit for Fight’ some 26 years ago!  More shows throughout the year are promised as the band look to take their classic tracks on the road alongside new material from the upcoming album.

The concert takes place at the  Støberihallen, support is from Whitesnake tribute and tickets are available from HERE

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross captured LIVE!

As we undertook our concerts across Denmark, Sweden and Holland last week, our every move onstage was captured by a plethora of fabulous photographers, and I wanted to feature some of their shots here.They’ve a got one thing in common: the ability to capture just how much fun we were having onstage! The tour was a blast, and we can’t wait to get out there in 2013, bringing Witch Cross songs old and new to you!


Jan, Paul & Mike: Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Kev & Jan: Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Mike & Kev: Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland


Mike & Kev: Supporting Gotthard @ Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden

Lars, Mike, Kev, Jan & Paul: Supporting Gotthard @Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden

Supporting Gotthard @ Tivoli, Helsingborg, Sweden


Kev, Paul, Mike & Jan @ Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Mike @ Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn, Holland

Mike, Kev , Jan & Paul @ Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival, Hoorn Holland

There were so many more, from all the shows, and our thanks go out to all the photographers,  out there who took the time to document our tour and and indeed festival and venue organizers, and the guys in Gotthard who made it even more memorable!  See you on the road in 2013!

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross live at Metal Magic V – Part 2

Here’s a few more shots from our gig at Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark at the weekend. Hoping to really ramp things up in 2013 with a new album and more dates!

We were really encouraged by the fan reaction to the new song we’ve introduced to the show – ‘Demon in the Mirror’, and we’re hoping to put another couple of new ones in soon.

Don’t forget to check out THE WITCH CROSS WEBSITE for all the latest news, photos and merchandise!

Kev Moore

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Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark with Witch Cross!

Heading out to Copenhagen tomorrow for the pre-show rehearsal for our appearance at METAL MAGIC V in Fredericia, Denmark, on – what else? FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!  It’s a real honour to front the band for the first gig in their homeland for many many years.

Can’t wait to kick some metal ass!

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross – STILL Fit for Fighting!


Witch Cross 2012 pose in Copenhagen with original singer Alex Nyborg Madsen:

L-R: AC, Kev, Mike, Alex, Poul, Jan

Well, I’m back home under the Spanish sun after an epic journey home, via van, train, bus, plane and car, absolutely shattered but overjoyed at the success of the Witch Cross gig at KEEP IT TRUE in Lauda Konigshofen, Southern Germany. Following a days rehearsal in Copenhagen , we hit the road and drove for what must have been about fourteen hours down to the hotel, just some minutes from the festival site. After rehearsals with the band, Anders the drummer very kindly put me up for the night in his lovely home, and breakfast time saw me rocking with his young son, Christian!


The rehearsals went very smoothly, and it was fantastic to hook up finally with Jan, Anders and Poul, and a delight to meet the original singer Alex, who was very gracious and is very supportive of what we’re doing, not to mention being a great photographer – he captured us in full flow as we ran the Witch cross songs for the first time in many, many years:





All rehearsal photos by Alex Nyborg Madsen

It was truly a pleasure working with these great guys and I can’t wait for the next one, which is  the METAL MAGIC festival in Copenhagen which runs over 4 days in July 11-12-13-14. I think we’re on July 13th – more info as I get it.

The long journey through Germany was relieved by several breaks, including the all-important Schnitzel stop!


Another bonus was meeting Lips and Robb from Anvil – sat in the German sunshine listening to Rob’s recollections of life before and after THAT movie was an education, and great fun!


Much, much more to come from the land of Witch Cross – watch this space!!!

Kev Moore

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Out in the Islands

As some of you may know, I’ve just returned from a couple of months touring around Cyprus and Crete, and as the former is now home to my dear friend and one-time bandmate and producer Clyde Ward, Miki and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of dropping in for a visit. Sadly, his wife Jane was in the UK, so we didn’t get to see her, but at least she phoned up to ensure he was looking after us! 🙂

We go back a long way – here’s the two of us (yes, I’m blonde!) at The Pipeline club in New Jersey, on The Gonads 1998 U.S.Tour

I see Clyde too infrequently, he’s a good mate and we did some good work and had some great times together. But who knows what’s around the corner? We may do something together again one day.

When I recorded with him many years ago, he had a wonderful German shepherd called Indy. Indy’s long since passed on – but the two beauties he’s got now are fabulous!

Tomorrow, I’m off traveling again, flying via London to Copenhagen for final rehearsals with Witchcross before  our appearance at the Keep it true festival in Germany on Friday. Get ready to rock!

Kev Moore

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A Labour of Love

Last year, I lost a good friend and mentor. Jim Percy, my first pro bandleader, drummer, singer, entrepreneur extraordinaire, scourge of venues and agents. He was a one-off, and I learned so much from him. He was taken much too young, and when I went to see his widow, Cheryl, we talked of the album we’d made with the band – Apollo – in Copenhagen back in 1979. We only ever released it on good ol’ musicassette, and she said she’d no idea where it was. I told her I still had a copy, and I would put it onto CD for her and their sons.

When I unearthed it, I discovered it had degraded a great deal, with a multitude of drop outs and an overwhelming amount of tape hiss. So I did my best to pep it up a bit using Garage band and audacity programmes to rescue it as best I could.

I found that revisiting this album – a selection of covers from the era – drew me back to those days in a wave of nostalgia. We worked bloody hard back then, 8 x 45 minute spots a night, 5 nights a week. but we played hard too. The album eventually got us out of Denmark and into Norway, where we secured a relatively easy 4 x 45 minute spots per night!

I remember Jim having an argument with a nightclub manager when we arrived in Drammen, near Oslo. They guy was moaning about our fee, pointing out that Eastern Bloc bands would work for a fraction of the cost. (remember, in those days, Eastern bloc bands would’ve sold their own Grandmothers to gig in the West)  Jim verbally lashed the guy, leaving him in no doubt as to why we cost more. Then, after watching the outgoing Eastern bloc band’s last show, where they proceeded to annihilate an already bad song -“Physical” by Olivia Newton-John, complete with mangled eengleesh, we took the stage for the first time the following night.

Jim took the mic as we introduced ourselves and prepared for the month-long residency in this lovely Norwegian town:

“Hi, we’re Apollo from England. If anybody wants to get “Physical”, come over here and I’LL KNEE THEM IN THE NUTS!!”

The guy was, and will always be, a legend.

He also used to sing what we all referred to as “The naffers”. Easy listening songs that helped the rest of us draw breath during those marathon 8 set gigs.  Songs like “The Last Farewell”, and “Streets of London.” For me, “Streets” was synonymous with Jim, and I recorded a tribute version of it to him which I included on the ‘salvaged’ Apollo CD.

I spent some time on a re-worked cover for the album. Using the original logo which I designed at the time, and also altering and photoshopping a group promo shot. I also dug out a load of old pics from the time and memorabilia, which I made into a montage for the centre.

I’m glad I’ve saved this album. It reminds me of a younger time, and some wonderful memories, and a good friend.


PS: Bob or Blue, if you read this, and you’d like a copy, just leave a message!

Kev Moore


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