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Thank you Rams!

Occasionally, my passions collide. Take Music and Football. They collided spectacularly when Nigel Clough took over at Derby County FC, inspiring me to create ( with a few fans’ help) a whole CD of songs dedicated to the Mighty Rams. The Fan Fayre for the Commons People album was hard work, but a labour of love.

But the weekend saw The Rams, via the unquestionable generosity of my partner, French Artist and fellow ‘Ramatic’, Miki, reward me for my efforts. As we prepared to listen to the commentary for the Derby v Portsmouth game on Saturday, I was ‘window shopping’ for a new fretless bass for the studio, studying one in particular with some intensity and incredibly kindly, if a little recklessly, she said: “If we win, I’ll buy you that bass.”

Now, anybody familiar with DCFC will know that listening to, or watching their games is a nervy affair at best – though our fabulous start to the season has tempered the fear somewhat – but to add into the mix the chance of winning or losing an instrument???  aaaaargh!!!!!

Anyway, to Miki’s bemusement and my delight, The Rams demolished Pompey in the first half, and ran out comfortable winners at 3-1.

So, thanks lads, for a great win, and a brand new fretless Wishbass!


The Musos among you can check out more of Steve Wishnevsky’s amazing instruments HERE.

Kev Moore

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More and Moore Music!

Don’t forget music-lovers, I have a host of product out there: including 2 full albums as digital downloads, “The Long Walk Home” and “The Songwriter Diaries” COMPLETELY FREE! Plus, available to buy from Shop:Kev,  My DCFC tribute CD “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, and my latest CD, the 18 track “Blue Odyssey”.

Click on the picture links to explore, listen, download and buy!

Kev Moore

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My music, Online and Hard Copy!

Today I wanted to feature some of my recorded works, and how to get them!

You can buy the Tubeless Hearts album “Three”, my DCFC album “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, my covers project album Dedication:“Under the Covers” and of course my new album “Blue Odyssey” all from our online shop MIKISMART.

My 2009 solo album “The Long Walk Home” is also available online absolutely FREE by clicking on the album image below:

Kev Moore


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BBC Radio Derby Interview

Thursday’s Sport at 6 on BBC Radio Derby hosted by Colin Bloomfield saw me interviewed at length about Blue Odyssey, Fan Fayre for the Commons people, The Mighty Rams and my trip across America earlier in the year. If you missed it, you can catch up via the BBC iplayer:

Kev Moore


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We’re going Santamental!


Only 5 Euros for a limited time only........

....when you buy THIS!














Call it the spirit of the season, call it whatever you like, but here at Moore music towers, we’ve decided to make a special Christmas offer to all Rams Fans, in honour of the release of my new album and the resurgence of DCFC, and Mr. Common’s goalscoring prowess.

Yes, if you buy my new CD Blue Odyssey, you will be able to purchase my DCFC album Fan Fayre for the Commons People for just 5 Euros! This offer only lasts until Christmas, so get busy! If you’ve already got a copy, this is a great opportunity to buy one for a loved one, or even your wife!

(N.B. This offer does not apply to the Limited “Red Dog” edition)

Just go to MIKISMART, order in the Blue Odyssey CD + Fan Fayre CD window (where the Mikismart link takes you)


Kev Moore

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My art, music, and more

In addition to my musical pursuits, I’ve recently got back into art, and now you can choose from a selection of prints, and even T-shirts,  from some of my recent creations in our shop, MIKISMART.

You’ll also find there an extensive selection of my partner Miki’s paintings for sale, both as originals and prints, not to mention my Derby County CD, “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”.

My new album Blue Odyssey, released next month, will also be available from MIKISMART on mail order, as a 6 panel digipak presentation, featuring 18 original songs.

Advanced orders of the new CD will receive a free download of my song “The Turre Stomp”.

Kev Moore

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Chrissy Porter – The Download!

Well, just in the nick of time I’ve finished “Chrissy Porter” inspired by the late Mick Ronson’s classic “Billy Porter” – in order to make it available as a free download for Rams fans as a New Year’s gift! You can hear it on the player underneath the lyrics below, but if you want a download, please send me your email address to and I’ll send you an MP3 of the track. It’s a homage to our striker Chris Porter, who, when fit has proved he can find the back of the net with the best of ’em!

He came down from Motherwell
A bargain? we just couldn’t tell – a stranger
But Cloughie has an eye you see
And pretty soon we saw he was a danger

For his eyes they could see only the goal
And the opposition’s gonna be rolled
East End Park is far behind him now
He’ll give his all for DCFC

Running past and running fast
He turns the opposition for a corner
Thought I heard his running feet
He struck the ball just right, and sweet
Like thunder

Well I saw it hit the back of the net
And Chrissy Porter’s clearly not finished yet
And I never ever realised
That we could still unearth such a gem

Chrissy Porter
We never realized that you’d be the one
Chrissy Porter
When you started knocking goals in for fun
Look what you done!

Well I’ve never heard my heart beat so fast
As defence after defence you slipped past
And I never ever realised
How much you’d bring to Derby County
Let me tell ya’

Now Chrissy’s smart and Chrissy’s tough
But recently he’s had it rough
He told me

‘My hip has been knocked outta sight
But for the Rams I’m gonna fight
Stay by me’

Now he’s getting better
Each and every day
And I think that in his place
he might stay
And I never, ever realized
What a marksman he would turn out to be

Chrissy Porter
You always got the other team on the run
Chrissy Porter
When you joined you said
That this place is fun
Let’s get it done

Chrissy Porter
You proved to be an instant hit with the fans
Chrissy Porter
When you came down here
And played for the Rams

Come on the Rams!

Produced, Arranged and Performed by Kev Moore, Lyrics by Kev Moore © 2009



Kev Moore

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My Family meets er…my family!

Mr.Moore Snr, with Robert Lindsay

My sister happened to notice that My Family and Citizen Smith star Robert Lindsay was going to be in Derby at Waterstones for a book signing the other day, and thought it a good opportunity for her and my Dad to go down and present him with the portrait that Miki has done of him in his wonderful role as Sir Edward Pellew from the Hornblower TV series, along with a copy of my Fan Fayre for the Commons People CD that celebrates Derby County. Robert is a staunch Derby County fan, and now joins Ex-Goodie and fellow Derby fan Tim Brooke-Taylor as celebrity owners of my disc!  Our mutual friend Grant Serpell, the drummer from 70’s band Sailor, delivered it to him some weeks ago.

Robert Lindsay as Sir Edward Pellew by Miki

I’m only sorry we couldn’t deliver them both in person, but living here in Spain makes that difficult. Nevertheless, I’m extremely happy that Robert got to see the wonderful portrait Miki did of him. His words upon receiving it were “That’s absolutely marvellous! I shall treasure that.”

Don’t forget, you can buy Fan Fayre for the Commons People by clicking on the link on the right, and you can download for FREE my new solo album The Long Walk Home by clicking on the appropriate link also.

Kev Moore

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Countdown for the Commons People!

It’s here!  The Calendar that runs from August 2009 to July 2010, commemorating Derby County and featuring exclusive artwork by Miki, based on the “KevRam” character from the “Fan fayre for the Commons People” CD battling against the Chamionship opposition month by month in an amusing fashion! This Calendar is a STRICTLY LIMITED collectors item, with a print run of just 125, to symbolise our historic club.

Available in either “slimline” or A3 formats, they’re a great way to keep track of important dates, such as when we beat Forest home and away, AGAIN!  Grab a little bit of history now, buy from our ONLINE SHOP or from the RT stall at the Clough’s Way event, which takes place at the Assembly Rooms on Thursday July 2nd.

Shown here is the Front and back views of the A3 Calendar. each month features a piece of art depicting the “KevRam” battling the likes of Ipswich, Swansea, Doncaster, Peterboro’, etc. – in very humorous guises!





The Season’s just around the corner……Come on you Rams!!!

Kev Moore

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Rivals and Pretenders

In the football world, rivalry plays a huge part in the enjoyment of the game. You can’t have Cowboys without Indians, you can’t have Sherlock Holmes without Professor Moriarty. You can’t have Derby County without Nottingham Forest. They are the “bad guys” we love to hate, and, if we’re honest, we hold them in a certain affection, because life would be a little poorer without them.  Then, you have the pretenders, those that stand enviously just outside the clique, wanting in, but never being taken seriously.  I can’t say for sure who that is in Sherlock’s case, but in Derby and Forest’s case, it’s Leicester City. If there’s one thing that will unite Rams and Red Dogs, it’s the Crisp-munching Foxes.

To illustrate this state of affairs, my partner Miki, the international French artist, has produced a piece of art, as part of her new project, “The Countdown for the Commons People” calendar, which takes the artwork from my “Fan fayre” CD and creates a whole series featuring next season’s championship teams all battling the “Ram” . The calendar runs from August to August, so it dovetails neatly into the football season, and it will be available in a strictly limited edition of just 125 copies, to celebrate the club’s founding in 1884.  For now, check out the Leicester month!

Lester Artwork S

Artwork © Miki 2009

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