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Witch Cross in Scandinavia – Part One: Witch Cross come home

“All dressed up, we’re gonna steal the show…..”

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Our first gig to promote the impending release of the new album ‘Axe to Grind’ was a special one for the guys. Witch Cross were formed in the Danish town of Hillerød, in the North of the island of Sjaelland  back at the outset of the 80’s. Now, the band was returning to its hometown for a show at the Stoberihallen concert hall. I felt a weight of responsibility on my shoulders – the only non-Dane, the ‘new boy’, re-interpreting songs laid down so impressively decades before original singer Alex Savage for an audience of friends, long-time supporters and family, not to mention original guitarist Ole ‘Cole’ Hamilton.  But….. I like a bit of pressure. It sharpens the mind, focuses the senses, and if harnessed correctly, feeds the fire on stage.

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The day before we’d ran the set exhaustively and felt ready. The hard work paid off, and the guys delivered a blistering, celebratory set on that Friday night, featuring songs old and new. We were also fortunate to have a guest appearance from A.C., the drummer from the ‘Fit for Fight’ album,  and we stormed through classics such as ‘Fight the fire’, and ‘Nightflight to Tokyo’, side by side with our new compositions, including ‘Bird of Prey’, ‘Metal Nation’, and ‘Ride with the Wind’. They slotted in seamlessly, they belonged in the set. We left the stage, the applause ringing in our ears, soaked with the sweat of our labours. Spent, exhausted, but sated. We’d come here to revisit an era when metal mattered, and we’d served the reminder. I felt elated and proud to be fronting this rebirth, for make no mistake, that’s what it is. Witch Cross is rising again.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 21.07.02Photos: Jesper Callesen, john-son

Kev Moore

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The Vikings are coming!

Check out the new album teaser trailer for our forthcoming album ‘AXE TO GRIND’.

WITCH CROSS are back !

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross LIVE @ Heavy Metal Maniacs in Hoorn, Holland

Thanks to the steady and patient hand of Hugues Timmermans, most of our performance at the Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival on our Rocktober tour was captured for posterity on camera. I thought I’d do a post today that brings all of those videos together. Enjoy!

March of the Vikings (Intro) •Axe Dance • Killer Dogs • Fight the Fire

No Angel

Rockin’ the Night Away

Pandora’s Box

Kev Moore

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Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark with Witch Cross!

Heading out to Copenhagen tomorrow for the pre-show rehearsal for our appearance at METAL MAGIC V in Fredericia, Denmark, on – what else? FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!  It’s a real honour to front the band for the first gig in their homeland for many many years.

Can’t wait to kick some metal ass!

Kev Moore

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