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A Tale of two Phils…

Since returning from Ireland a couple of weeks back, my French artist partner Miki and I have been putting our heads together and created the beginnings of what we hope will become a series of joint artworks. By that, I mean, I create my own comic-style characters, usually, but not exclusively, musicians, and then hand them over to Miki in a fairly simple state for her to continue with in her style. It’s already thrown up some interesting stuff, such as Muddy Waters, and there’s more to come!

Phil Lynott S(1)

-But today I wanted to share two different takes on one of my idols, the late great Phil Lynott. The one you see above is my basic drawing given Miki’s treatment, she added the Howth peninsula where he used to live, and is buried. The second is what I came up with as I continued to work on that basic idea on my own, adding a Black Rose and Irish green clover as a backdrop. Two vastly different takes on the same subject, but great fun to do!


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Happy Easter!

Sometimes, I do really daft stuff. This is one of those times. A few years back I threw together a few eggs, and made an omelette of a video of ineggscrable  puns, all to the tune of Irving Berlin’s ‘Easter parade’ on Electric guitar. Seemed like a good idea at the time! So, here it is again!

Kev Moore

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Off Topic: Donkey Breakout!

Zebra….er….Donkey Crossing

There’s always something interesting going off outside our house. in addition to having a wonderful view of the Sierra Cabrera Mountains from the balcony, there’s also the opportunity to see lots of things happening in the dry river bed for instance. Sometimes, it actually becomes a raging torrent, with the river waters almost overflowing into the fields, sometimes it has a shepherd and his herd of goats wandering down it, their tinkling bells bringing a kind of pastoral musicality to the day. Every now and then, you’ll hear the roar of moto-cross, and catch the colourful blur of riders as bikes speed down the winding riverbed. And then there’s the donkey.  I was moved to look out of the window yesterday when Miki, sat at her computer yelled “Donkey!”. Sure enough, a lone donkey was ambling down the street to the main road. Within minutes, a horde of adults, children and dogs were high-tailing it after him, as he trotted up the main road to Mojacar village. Cars were slowing and swerving in an attempt to ‘corral’ him. He responded by crossing a ditch and cantered across somebody else’s field. Somehow though, eventually this rag-tag legion of kids, adults, dogs and cars managed to get him back here, and we watched with amusement as he was finally roped and the young boy who’d lost him was sat back on him, and they trotted off.

Who needs television when you’ve got animal antics like this outside your front door?

Kev Moore

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This is normally something I’d post in my Want Some Moore blog, as it is a song I wrote to accompany one of my comedy ‘rants’ that I have the privilege of presenting on Bay Radio. Bay Radio is an English language station with a listenership of over 1 million, that broadcasts along the Spanish costas, from Valencia all the way down to Almeria. I feature twice a week, on The Sunset Strip, Friday nights 9.30pm CET, and The Sunday Brunch, around noon CET. Find out how to listen live by clicking on the icon.

Anyway, the theme for this week is feminine logic, ‘flogic’ for short – and please ladies, don’t kill me, because it’s all very tongue in cheek, and a bit of fun. I really enjoyed writing the track. (If you want to hear the rant too, tune into Bay, or check back on my Want some Moore blog next week, when I’ll put it up on a player)

It’s a funky kind of thing, with a nice bass line, and very choppy staccato guitars, and a lovely contrasting guest vocal from Kay Frances, whose album I produced a few months back.  The guitar ‘solo’  such as it is, was a bit of an experiment, removing the low E and tuning Keith Richard style, and giving it a ‘chordy’ sort of vibe. enjoy!

Kev Moore

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Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’Roll

On a roll recently with my artistic creations, I suddenly realized that I ought to do something a little Christmassy, what with it being nearly Christmas, and all that. So I came up with this:

“Following our reality-shift into a parallel universe, our iconic, rotund, and undeniably singular Father Christmas has morphed into three evil triplets dispensing everybody’s favourite presents: Sex, drugs, and Rock’n’Roll. Who said the Christmas spirit was dead? It’s alive and well and living at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels!”

Ladeez an’ ginnlemenn… I give you, the Attack of the Mini-Santas!

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