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Brought it down in Austin

So, ’96 on 6th’ is roughly arranged and has been sent to my mate Stef for him to add his drum track to, and I’ve turned my attention to ‘Brought it down in Austin’ – a song about the amazing and horrific events that unfolded less than a mile from where we were staying in that Texas city. A lone pilot (perversely, an ex-bass player) aggrieved with his taxation, flew a single engined aircraft loaded with fuel into the IRS building on a February morning, killing himself and an IRS employee.  We saw the angry plume of black smoke rising, and headed up the freeway to check it out.  A huge hole had appeared in the front of the building flames licking around it, the plane virtually disintegrated. Considering the carnage, It was amazing the death toll wasn’t higher.Macabre subject matter for a song maybe, but a gift nontheless. I couldn’t ignore it.

I’ve spent some time today tidying the drum track that I played myself – trying to make it sound like a proper drummer!  I’ll be working on it again tomorrow.

Kev Moore

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