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Gil Scott-Heron dies, aged 62. R.I.P.

One of the seminal black artists who rose to prominence in the 70’s,  Scott-Heron was something of a pioneer. He’s been labelled as the Godfather of rap, but he was much more than that, and it seemed to be a title he wore uneasily. his sparse rhythms and street poetry were of a higher order than most of what gets churned out today. My favourite track of his was “The Bottle” – and I was lucky enough to meet him when our bands were staying in the same hotel in Essen, Germany, back in the 90’s.

Rest in Peace, Gil, and thanks for the music.

Kev Moore

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…..and that’s jazz

L-R Kev Moore, Pepe Mena, Ron Johnson, Brendan O' Dee

L-R Kev Moore, Pepe Mena, Ron Johnson @ Jazz Life Cafe

Living down here in Mojacar, I dont always get the opportunity to gig as much as I’d like. The shows with BC Sweet and Christie are usually spaced throughout the year, and I do a lot of thumb-twiddling in the meantime. A couple of years back, my friend, Saxophonist Ron Johnson, ran a restaurant and music bar called “Sax on the Beach” and he, I and Pepe Mena, an excellent local Spanish drummer – formed an improv jazz-rock trio to while away the hours. Here’s a pic, courtesy of Pepe’s my space, of the three of us joined by Brendan O’Dee on keys, playing at the Jazz Life cafe in Mojacar village.

Expanding my musical horizons like this is very useful, and ultimately rewarding. From improvising with these guys, I came up with the bass riff which would eventually become “A Cat called Caramel” which will eventually feature on my solo album.

Ron’s back in Canada now, putting together a huge soul band, keepin’ da funk alive!

Kev Moore

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