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Rivals and Pretenders

In the football world, rivalry plays a huge part in the enjoyment of the game. You can’t have Cowboys without Indians, you can’t have Sherlock Holmes without Professor Moriarty. You can’t have Derby County without Nottingham Forest. They are the “bad guys” we love to hate, and, if we’re honest, we hold them in a certain affection, because life would be a little poorer without them.  Then, you have the pretenders, those that stand enviously just outside the clique, wanting in, but never being taken seriously.  I can’t say for sure who that is in Sherlock’s case, but in Derby and Forest’s case, it’s Leicester City. If there’s one thing that will unite Rams and Red Dogs, it’s the Crisp-munching Foxes.

To illustrate this state of affairs, my partner Miki, the international French artist, has produced a piece of art, as part of her new project, “The Countdown for the Commons People” calendar, which takes the artwork from my “Fan fayre” CD and creates a whole series featuring next season’s championship teams all battling the “Ram” . The calendar runs from August to August, so it dovetails neatly into the football season, and it will be available in a strictly limited edition of just 125 copies, to celebrate the club’s founding in 1884.  For now, check out the Leicester month!

Lester Artwork S

Artwork © Miki 2009

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