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Outside the Lorraine Motel- now the Civil Rights museum, Memphis

It hardly seems possible that one year ago, on Martin Luther King day, we stood in line to visit the Civil Rights museum in Memphis, on the site of the Lorraine Motel where he was assassinated. It was a profoundly moving experience, and we felt honoured to be there.  Here’s the song from my album “Blue Odyssey” that I was inspired to write that day – Long Black Ribbon

Long Black Ribbon

So we rolled up to Memphis, January 15
well this was one thing that I really had to see
everybody there, paying homage to the man he was

It was along black ribbon
stretching down the street
Filled with the people to honour his memory
Everybody came to honour the man and his cause

As we went into the museum
I began to feel our shame
Learned about Harriet and the underground train
Learned about a lady by the name of Rosa Parks
How a young girl’s courage finally lit the spark

It was a long black ribbon
Down through history
Filled with the people who wouldn’t let it be
Everybody came to honour that man, that cause

I made the journey
Through the Lorraine Motel
Paused in 306
And the balcony where he fell

Ray fired the bullet, and he thought his deed was done
But they only shouted louder
“We shall overcome”

It was a long black ribbon
Hear the people sing
The times they were a-changing thanks to Martin Luther King
Everybody came to honour that man, that cause

Words and music © Kev Moore 2010

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