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Trevor Bolder R.I.P. The Bass is a little quieter tonight….


I never met Trevor, though it was close-run thing. We were sharing the bill at a festival in Banja Luka, Bosnia in 2010, he with Uriah Heep, me with BC Sweet. We were appearing on different days and as luck would have it, we were scheduled to fly from Sarajevo to another show in Germany before they arrived.  I know Pete, their ex-lead singer, and I was eager to meet the band – one of the stalwarts of British Rock. A band that defy the odds, particularly around that time, when they released the superb ‘Wake The Sleeper’ album.  According to Andy Warhol,  everyone gets their ’15 minutes of fame’, but it’s a testament to the esteem in which he was held that he got ’30 minutes’- not only a lynchpin of Uriah Heep for many years, but also one of the iconic Spiders from Mars that contributed so much to Bowie’s (in my opinion) most classic albums “Hunky Dory”, “Ziggy Stardust” and “Aladdin Sane”. Those three albums were a huge part of the musical backdrop to my youth. 62 is far too young. Another musical hero gone, and the bass is just that little bit quieter tonight.

R.I.P. Trevor

Kev Moore

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The Writing Process…..working on a follow-up to Witch Cross’ 1984 release ‘Fit for Fight’

..we don’t really write it down like this…I don’t even think Mozart wrote ‘Freewheel Burning’ this way….

People often ask me ‘how do you start to write a song?’ Well, there is no one answer.  I’ve written alone for many years, sometimes starting with merely a title, sometimes a few chords, or a melody, even just a sound can set me off on a path that results in a complete song.

When you start factoring in a writing partner, you are often running a risk.  I’ve written with someone else before – Adrian Foster from Tubeless Hearts – and we had a good working relationship. Now, I’m working with Mike Koch, as we put together a hopefully fitting follow up to Witch Cross‘ cult Metal classic ‘Fit for Fight‘.

What made that release so great in my opinion, was the immediacy, the sheer strength, of the songs. That is what we’re faced with emulating if we can.

With the advent of the internet, ‘remotely writing’ has become much easier, and Mike and I have developed a great ‘ping-pong’ style of writing as we bounce the song back and forth across cyberspace, changing and moulding it along the way, until we arrive at a concise demo that we’re both happy with. It’s a great system, because we’re both very honest with each other, keeping true to the genre and style of the band, and recognizing that whatever we do, it has to be for the good of the song.

The band was initially born of the late 70’s/early 80’s ‘New Wave of Heavy Metal’, and while  we are planning to use all that modern production can offer, we are taking care to make sure it remains faithful to that era.  This involves a discipline, because in effect we’re writing in a different time, and you have to put aside influences that may have crossed your path along the way.  I’m enjoying writing this way, because it is very different to how I’ve written songs before. My songwriting is often eclectic – my last solo album encompassed a huge number of styles across 18 songs, and I’ve also written songs in different styles to complement articles on my radio show, but that is not what is called for here. What we’re doing is tapping into the vibe that existed when bands like Saxon, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden first came onto the scene. With that in mind, it was great when, as we toured with Swiss band Gotthard recently, their guitarist Leo commented that Mike and Paul’s guitars in Witch Cross had that ‘Saxon‘ quality – occupying different places in the sound spectrum, but complementing each other perfectly, just like Graham Oliver’s and Paul Quinn’s did on their classic hits.

I think we’re on the right track!  The most important thing, at least from a songwriter’s perspective, is that we’re not drying up, the ideas are coming thick and fast! So roll on 2013, when we’ll unleash the new Witch Cross album on the world, almost 30 years after its predecessor – it’s been a long time comin’!

Kev Moore

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Loyal to the Max – The Metal Community

The author Kev Moore appearing with Witch Cross at Metal Magic V, Denmark

In the crazy, shape-shifting universe that is the music business, fashion, and the buzz of the moment is King,
almost always a slave to trend, and ignorant of talent.  Rock music has often been the boy in the corner,
often ignored and regularly ridiculed, despite periods of glorious mainstream success – the late 60’s/early 70’s
the New Wave of British Heavy Metal,  and the subsequent hair metal boom of the Mid 80’s. Even when bands
faded from the wider public’s general consciousness, the behemoths of the industry continued to shift huge
quantities of albums, Sabbath, Purple, Priest, Maiden, Leppard etc.

But as the business changes, and record sales slow to a trickle, hamstringing the record companies effectiveness,
it is the cottage industry that is becoming King. Such an industry relies on a loyal and supportive fanbase, and there
is none more so than that specific area of the rock canon – The Metal Community.

They may not be huge in number, compared with the hordes of sheep drip fed the likes of Jessie J and Tinie Tempah,
but they are not fickle, their loyalty is without question, and their support of their chosen bands sometimes beggars
belief. It often translates into the fans themselves becoming promoters, as evidenced by the mid-level festivals celebrating Metal that are springing up all over the world. One thing binds these proto-promoters and the fanbase from
whence they came – love. They love what they do, they love the bands, and they love the camaraderie that builds
up between them all. Attending a Metal festival is not simply a case of buying a ticket and going to a gig, it is an active
participation in a lifestyle, a total immersion in an experience enhanced by the like-minded people around you.

The bands that lead the charge on this circuit know full well that the fans are the engine that drive it. The albums, singles, EPs and merch they create are also made with love, and inventiveness, and I firmly believe the metal bands have a much closer  and real connection with their fanbase than the ‘here today gone tomorrow’ culture perpetuated in mainstream pop.  People who loved metal in their teens do not grow out of it. The bands understand this loyalty, it is what keep them alive.

There is a contract between the metal fan and the metal band. It is a simple contract, consisting of a promise neither one will break:

We will never let you down.

Kev Moore

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First Witch Cross videocast from The Indalo cave!

Yes folks, I’ve ‘gone public’ and posted a new video from my studio here in Almeria province, Spain, giving a sneak preview of a new Witch Cross song  and speaking a little about Metal Magic V. There will be more occasional videocasts such as this one, so keep a look out!

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross live at Metal Magic V – Part 2

Here’s a few more shots from our gig at Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark at the weekend. Hoping to really ramp things up in 2013 with a new album and more dates!

We were really encouraged by the fan reaction to the new song we’ve introduced to the show – ‘Demon in the Mirror’, and we’re hoping to put another couple of new ones in soon.

Don’t forget to check out THE WITCH CROSS WEBSITE for all the latest news, photos and merchandise!

Kev Moore

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Metal Magic V in Fredericia, Denmark with Witch Cross!

Heading out to Copenhagen tomorrow for the pre-show rehearsal for our appearance at METAL MAGIC V in Fredericia, Denmark, on – what else? FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!  It’s a real honour to front the band for the first gig in their homeland for many many years.

Can’t wait to kick some metal ass!

Kev Moore

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Because I’m not content having every second of my day filled up with writing, recording, broadcasting and gigging, I’ve decided to start a new art series.

Called ‘METALHEDZ’, I’m launching it today with No. 1 – ‘Zero’.  This particular dude is so-called not because he has a low opinion of himself, but because others do, and he’s not afraid to embrace his shortcomings. Oh, and he rocks out. a lot.

The Castle in the background may or may not have belonged to the late great Ronnie James Dio, we just don’t know.

The series will be characterized by, amongst other things, the fact that they are in any colour you like as long as it’s graduations of red, black, and white. Don’t argue, it’s just the way it’s got to be. We don’t want any poofy pastels around here. this is Metal, for Chrissakes!!!

You can buy any of my art by visiting Fine Art America or Red bubble, clicking on the widgets below.

Sell Art Online
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Kev Moore

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Keep it True 2012

As a band, we were overwhelmed by the response from the fans as we took the classic Witch Cross songs back into the live arena for the first time in decades.  I felt hugely privileged to be a part of the moment. To hear the crowd singing not only the lyrics to Fight the fire, but also Mike’s guitar line, was incredibly moving!

Here’s some amateur video footage of some of the numbers from the gig:




Meeting die-hard fans with faithful recreations of the Fit for fight album cover on their jacket, or in one case as a spectacular tattoo on his back, really strengthened our belief that the time is right to return and bring these songs back to life.

Keep it True has always been renowned for its great vibe, and KIT XV was no exception. Oliver and his team triumphed once again with an eclectic line-up that brought fans from all over the world together in a metallic party!

Post-signing session L-R: Jan, Poul, Mike, AC, Kev. In front: Ole- Roadie, T-shirt model and Lord high executioner!

Our signing session had been a bit delayed because of the previous band, and we were held back, so we weren’t in place at the advertised time and I understand some fans missed out on getting their boxsets signed. The band would like to apologize to anyone who missed out.

Ole also edits an excellent fanzine dedicated to obscure metal. Check it out at

We were blown away with our reception at the weekend, and we hope to catch some of you at Metal Magic in Fredericia, Jylland, Denmark on July 15th!

Kev Moore


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Witch Cross – STILL Fit for Fighting!


Witch Cross 2012 pose in Copenhagen with original singer Alex Nyborg Madsen:

L-R: AC, Kev, Mike, Alex, Poul, Jan

Well, I’m back home under the Spanish sun after an epic journey home, via van, train, bus, plane and car, absolutely shattered but overjoyed at the success of the Witch Cross gig at KEEP IT TRUE in Lauda Konigshofen, Southern Germany. Following a days rehearsal in Copenhagen , we hit the road and drove for what must have been about fourteen hours down to the hotel, just some minutes from the festival site. After rehearsals with the band, Anders the drummer very kindly put me up for the night in his lovely home, and breakfast time saw me rocking with his young son, Christian!


The rehearsals went very smoothly, and it was fantastic to hook up finally with Jan, Anders and Poul, and a delight to meet the original singer Alex, who was very gracious and is very supportive of what we’re doing, not to mention being a great photographer – he captured us in full flow as we ran the Witch cross songs for the first time in many, many years:





All rehearsal photos by Alex Nyborg Madsen

It was truly a pleasure working with these great guys and I can’t wait for the next one, which is  the METAL MAGIC festival in Copenhagen which runs over 4 days in July 11-12-13-14. I think we’re on July 13th – more info as I get it.

The long journey through Germany was relieved by several breaks, including the all-important Schnitzel stop!


Another bonus was meeting Lips and Robb from Anvil – sat in the German sunshine listening to Rob’s recollections of life before and after THAT movie was an education, and great fun!


Much, much more to come from the land of Witch Cross – watch this space!!!

Kev Moore

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Witch Cross – A new beginning

In 1984 , Danish metal band released their one and only album: ‘Fit for Fight’.  – A Raucous clarion call of Scandinavian rock, laden with sorcery, sci-fi and scintillating guitars in equal measure, the songs all delivered with the heavy metal roar of vocalist Alex Savage.

Fast forward a mind-numbing 28 years later , and that album has become a cult metal classic.  Alex has become a Danish TV presenter and original guitarist Mike ‘Vlad’ Koch is working with yours truly, Kev Moore.

Following American record company Hell’s Headbangers decision to remix, re-release and repackage the entire Witch Cross catalogue, including the original album, first single, demos and unreleased works in a beautifully rendered  4 LP multicoloured vinyl box set, Mike decided to resurrect the band, including two original members, Anders ‘AC’ Hjort on Drums, and Jan ‘Little John’ Fields on bass. Also drafted in on axe duties is Torben Aalykke, a reknowned Danish guitarist who has been working for many years with the original singer, and finally myself on lead vocals.

L-R: Anders, Torben, Mike, Jan, Kev

On April 27th, at the Keep it True festival in Germany, Witch Cross will take to the stage again, and far from trading on past glories, myself and Mike have begun work on new Witch Cross material, one of which will serve as a taster of things to come in the live set.

The new Witchcross website is now up and running. Expect additions and expansions on it in the coming months.

I’m really pumped about this project and can’t wait to crank it up!

Kev Moore

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