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Rock under the Sun

My old mate Stef from the UK is over in Spain again, and that means – fun gigs!  So Stef, Mario and I threw a couple of sets of rock together and began by playing Mario’s own Bar Zambra on friday night, followed by El patio beach bar on Mojacar Playa on the Saturday early evning. We had a blast, playing the set by the seat of our pants with virtually no reheasals, and performing songs such as Radar Love, La Grange, One last Soul etc. but by far the most poignant for me was playing the late great Tommy Bolin’s ‘Teaser’. I’d had a message from his brother a couple of days back after I’d tweeted we’d be doing the song, telling me to say it was a ‘special request from his brother Johnny from Sioux city, and to rock it!’ That we did, and it was an honour and a privilege to do so.

We have one more show coming up in the nearby mountain village of Bedar on Wednesday, and I’ll be posting pics etc from both that and the El Patio show later!

Kev Moore

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The Kev Moore Band live @ Bar Zambra, Turre

"In four lads, and I'll meet you at the end...."

There’s no such thing as the Kev Moore Band really, but that’s who Me, Mario and Stef were last Friday night at Zambra in Turre, down here in Almeria province, Spain. Stef had come over with his family, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a gig, so, one quick rehearsal, and we took the stage for 2 hours worth of rock classics, ranging from Led Zep, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Country Communion, Free, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy, Stevie Wonder…you name it, we gave it a go!

It was brilliant fun, and as I often mention on here, just great for me, as I don’t play all that often locally. Here’s a few examples from the night, but please bear in mind, it was recorded with a little camera and the sound quality is very Lo-Fi!!




We had such a good reception in fact, that who knows? The Kev Moore Band may ride again, down in the beach bars in the summer!

Kev Moore

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Closer to home……

Although I’ve been flying hither and thither around Europe with BC Sweet this summer, 2011 has also seen me perform a few more shows with my good mate Mario, both in Mezcaleros, and also in a 60’s music project called Mo’Bitz up in Cabrera, a village up in the mountains that bear it’s name ( or is it the other way around?)

Anyway, we played a set comprising all the classics from Small Faces, Spencer Davis, Kinks, Beatles, etc, and a good time was had by all, despite the bitter cold. Yes, you heard right. the bitter cold. It seems hard to believe, as I sit beneath my fan in the office sweating profusely, that a mere few weeks ago, the night time mountain air took away all feeling in my fingers! I even sat at the side of the stage in the car to keep my fingers warm before going on! So, for all you envious of us Spain-dwellers – it’s sometimes cold here too!

Since doing this show, Mario and I, together with drummer Francis have performed a rock set as Mezcaleros at a biker festival up near Granada, and it looks like we’ll be doing another one in August.  Mario’s also hoping to arrange a beach bar bash at the end of July down on Mojacar playa – which would be very cool. So, busy times at home and abroad!

Kev Moore

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Turre Fiesta!

Music and Kebabs...what else do you need?

It’s that time of year again down our way folks – our annual Fiesta kicks off on Friday with a weekend of fun and frivolity (which are probably the same thing.) Following a recent show up in the hills in Lucainena with Mario and Francis (Guitar & Drums) we’ve decided to do a show on Friday night at Bar Zambra on Turre’s main street, when we will showcase a few songs from my forthcoming CD ‘Blue Odyssey’ along with some classic rock from Hendrix, Bad Co, SRV, ZZ Top etc.

With Mario and Francis in Lucainena

It’s great to have the chance to play a few of these songs locally, even before the album’s out.  Some time ago, I wrote & recorded a song as a homage to Turre, called ‘The Turre stomp’ and for everyone who orders the CD in advance, they’ll receive a FREE download of the track. I’ll be posting a note on here when MIKISMART, our online shop has it for sale. You can check the shop out now though, for some of my previous releases, commemorative posters, and artwork too, not to mention my son’s band – Jilambis – new EP!

Hopefully I’ll have some pics from the show after the weekend.

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey debuts in Lucainena…..

L-R: Kev, Francis, Mario

When I started out on the Blue Odyssey project, I don’t think I could have ever imagined that some of the songs from my forthcoming album would receive their first airing played live in public at a small village fiesta up in the hills near where I live!  But that’s exactly what happened. Along with Mario Moriche (guitar) and Francis Gonzalez (Drums) we appeared in Lucainena as part of their Fiesta celebrations billed as ‘Kev Moore and The Mezcaleros”.

Gettin' down to it

We’d put together a 2 hour set of rock and blues, ranging from Gun, ZZ Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Free and Bad Company, through to several Hendrix tracks, as the show coincided with the 40th anniversary of his death. But the highlight for me was being able to showcase three of the songs from my new album: “Parrot Beach Cafe” , “Brought it down in Austin’ and “Blue me Away”. I have to thank Mario and Francis for taking the time to learn them so that I could try them out on an unsuspecting public!

We were also very well taken care of by the owners of the local restaurant that booked us, being served up a beautiful three course meal beforehand.

We’ll be taking the show out again in a couple of weeks – this time for our own village fiesta – Turre, at Mario’s place, Bar Zambra.

Kev Moore

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