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Masterclass – Joe Bonamassa in Murcia

Photo by Miki

There are expressions for this kind of thing; “Selling sand to the arabs” – “Taking coals to Newcastle”.  But “Bringing guitar to Andalucia”, at least to my knowledge, is not one of them.  Joe Bonamassa had the balls to do just that when he and his band performed for well over 2 hours in Murcia last week, and the Spanish loved him for it. It was his first visit there, and me and my partner Miki welcomed it, loving his music, and the fact that it was only an hour or so’s drive from where we live. Miki, being a painter was inspired to capture him. Check out her take on things HERE.

Photo by Miki

The late English entertainer Roy Castle had a catchphrase: “Dedication’s what you need” and boy, is Joe the living embodiment of that. He plays guitar around 6 hours a day without fail, and since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, and it shows. He is the master of his instrument. The guitar is a living thing in his hands. He caresses it, coaxes, cajoles it, and he makes it sing. From a whisper to a roar, a blinding flurry of runs, or that single sonorous note, perfectly plucked, hanging in the air, beautifully formed – an auditory equivalent of the first drop of morning dew falling from a leaf, a moment of wonder.

Me outside the auditorium in Murcia before Joe's gig

He paints pictures in the air, does Joe. There are very, very few guitarists that come close to his artistry, perhaps Jeff Beck, but few others have the skill and the soul.

Me and Joe in Loket, Czech Republic, for the Black Country Communion gig

His work ethic is amazing. He tours, and tours and tours. Fantastically organised and marshalled by his Manager Roy Wiseman, (who I admire enormously for his attitude to the Major labels and his commitment to Joe)- he can move around Europe with ease day after day, getting to his public, and winning over new fans. Does he get on the radio much? Not really. Has he had any hits. Um, not really.  He is a musician apart. Apart from the sickening conveyor belt of dross that is served up via the media and airwaves of five minute wonders and meagre talents, that the rest of us are expected to eat up like conditioned sheep.

In the real world, where there are real music fans, and music matters, Joe Bonamassa is King.

Kev Moore

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Fiesta time in Turre 2011

It’s always exciting when October rolls around down here in my village of Turre, because that means it’s Fiesta time!  The previous week, I’d performed with an old friend for a benefit concert in neighbouring Mojacar, but more of that in a later post.

For our Fiesta, I’d been asked by Neil, who runs The Pasty Shack on the Main street, to do a solo gig there on Saturday night, which I agreed to. It gave me a chance to perform the greater part of my Blue Odyssey album,  several other original compositions, and songs from friends and collaborators.  It was a great night, and I had fun juggling between two guitars and a bass!

For the Sunday night, I was  to link up with my mate Mario from Los Mezcaleros, to perform a short guest set at his bar, Zambra.  the video here shows us performing the old classic ‘Smoke on the water’.

I love to get up and play locally on occasion, just to keep my hand in, and I guess that might be the last time for a while as BC Sweet and Christie start to get busy in October and November.

Keep checking back, as I plan to put photos from this show and the Mojacar charity show up on the site.

Kev Moore

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Back to the Grindstone….

This week I’m trying to do some more preparatory work on my next solo album, whilst also being “on call” for Mike from BC Sweet who is putting the finishing touches to one of our new tracks. I’m in the “workmanlike” stage of my project, where I’m detailing every dodgy piano note, repairing bits here and there and generally trying to knock into shape ideas that are not yet complete songs. It doesn’t feel particularly creative, but it’s a necessary part of the process. Once I’m back in the swing of things it should move along nicely, but the sunshine has a way of luring you away from the studio!

I’ve also been distracted by my football team’s (Derby County) legendary victory over our bitterest rivals (Nottingham Forest) and felt compelled to record a version of “Wish you were Here” to commemorate it! You can download it here:

We’ve been quite busy with BC Sweet too, involving a lot of travelling, so that’s kept me away from the studio at times. Still, I have time to get cracking on my usual stuff, as my next show with BC Sweet isn’t until mid October.

Kev Moore

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Hertals Rocks!

Herentals town centre - Parking at a Premium.....

Just back from a festival in Herentals, Belgium, a lovely little town with a Fairy-tale feel about 40k east of Antwerp. The festival drops a syllable from the town’s name for some reason. Go figure. Probably influenced by ‘textspeak’. Because we were taking quite a bit of kit, we opted to approach this as a ‘road trip’, and so I flew over to the UK to join the rest of the lads from BC Sweet and we took Marc’s van and drove down through the Channel tunnel.

Coffee break and van re-pack after selling the bricks of Heroin (kidding)

We had a bit of fun on the way, just like the old days, with an exhaust splitting in two courtesy of an unmarked speed bump near Tunbridge Wells (thank you, local council) and had a couple of stops en route, deciding to risk getting to our destination and getting it repaired there, which proved to be the best solution. When we arrived in Herentals, we found the whole town in the grip of a local fair, and access to the Hotel was nigh on impossible, so we parked as near as we could and lugged everything by hand over there between the fairground rides and beignet stands, before collapsing into bed to grab a few hours kip before the show.

We were due onstage at 1 a.m. , directly after The Boomtown Rats, who, even without the presence of a certain Mr. Geldof, played a great set, and a particularly interesting version of “I don’t like Mondays”. As it happened the show was running late and we were still belting it out as 3 a.m. was fast approaching!  I think it’s the latest I’ve been on a stage since I ‘earned my spurs’ playing in clubs in Denmark back in the 70’s!

As we were preparing to go on, the sky was treating us to a spectacular light show – forked lighting ripping across a thunder-laden backdrop. The vicious tail-end of Hurricane Katia was caressing the city of Antwerp, and looked or all the world as if it was going to rain on our parade, but mercifully, she grumbled her way Northwards, shaking her bad-tempered petticoats elsewhere.

These kind of shows are our bread and butter, and if they are successful, it’s usually in spite of themselves. By that I mean, all possible obstacles are stacked against you – the lateness of the hour, the lack of sleep, the long hours of travel, the unfamiliarity of the crew and the equipment. This makes it all the sweeter when you get out there and rock, and we did.  I was very happy with the show, and we even managed about four hours sleep and a (relatively) leisurely breakfast before hitting the road and heading back to the tunnel.

band meeting

A big thanks to the people of Herentals for making us feel so welcome – it was a great weekend!

L-R: Kev, Mike, Marc, Pete

Onstage photos by

Sascha Staginski

Kev Moore

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Blue Odyssey Reviewed…..

My last solo release “Blue Odyssey” has recently been reviewed by Martin Leedham over at HIS REVIEW BLOG

Martin’s blog is a treasure store of insightful reviews of a host of classic albums from way back when up to the present day, and I’m happy and honoured to be in such good company. Below is a snippet from the review, but just click on the link to read the whole thing, and take some time to check out some of his other excellent reviews, too.

“….The most recent and ambitious of those releases is “Blue Odyssey”, an album which tells the story of his road trip across the southern states of America undertaken in early 2010. During the 75 minute opus Moore manages to contribute vocals, bass, electric, acoustic and slide guitars, keyboard, drums and mouth organ. Making it a true solo album in the real sense of the word. However, there is still room for some talented guests and friends to join in throughout the eighteen track affair which, although obviously predominantly blues based, manages to encompass many a style and mood.………………….“Blue Odyssey” is fundamentally a blues album from a highly talented musician that has a great love of old school blues music and musicians. However it covers many other styles of music and although steeped in delta blues feeling and lyrical imagery it is much more than just a blues album. Gospel, funk, rock, soul and even a bit of old time boogie woogie are all thrown in the mix at one point or another and help to make the musical journey for the listener as enjoyable as the actual physical journey was for Moore. The only negatives for me are the slight over use of sampled soundbites and a slight concern that the length of the album may lead to attention wandering issues for some listeners. They don’t, however, prevent this from being an excellent and highly recommended album. Moore’s lengthy career in rock and pop music is evident throughout and the clever use of comedy in some of the lyrics add to the all round good feel of the album. This is not your doom and gloom woe is me blues offering by any stretch of the imagination but a celebration of cultures brought together under the banner of a Blue Odyssey……..”

If you want to order a copy of Blue Odyssey, just click on the link in the sidebar >>>>>>>>>>

Kev Moore

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Silly season

It always gets a bit hectic around this time of year, and I end up to-ing and fro-ing hither and thither, whether it be the UK, Germany, Belgium or wherever, in order to fulfill various band commitments. But I don’t mind the plane-hopping, the driving or the endless hotels. It means the band, whether it be BC Sweet or Christie, is fulfilling its raison d’etre. It helps draw us together, and makes us a better band. It gives us the strength and conviction to move forward in our desire to perform and create, and it’s a good feeling. In our business, agents are often cast in the role of sharks, but perhaps on closer inspection, it is the band that is better suited to this analogy. After all, a shark has to keep moving to survive.

Kev Moore

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Fallen Idol

I just unearthed a song I’m going to use for my next album, that I wrote about the late Amy Winehouse. I wanted to publish the lyrics here. They’re unaltered, and exactly as I wrote them on 19th.May 2008. Reading them again, I could clearly see it coming, as I’m sure those nearest and dearest could too. What I’ll never understand, not being a drug addict or alcoholic or having to deal with one, is how they could not prevent it. But , as always in these cases, we can rest easy knowing someone, somewhere is getting very, very rich.


Turns to stone if she’s, on her own
Photo flash, then she’s golden trash
A modern-day Medusa bent on taking her own life
Pity all the people that had prayed that she would survive

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Nature’s way, or, so they say
Worldly-wise, but with those, vacant eyes
A world of self-delusion in her celebrated state
Her tattoos tell the story – an illustrated fate

Not so long ago we’re told, all the streets were paved with gold
Everybody young and old, warmly welcomed to the fold
Damaged hearts repent in haste, always leave a bitter taste
No more wishes left to waste, you can see it in her face

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Freshly dead, newly wed
Had to die to see those sales go high
A universal profit on the back of her demise
International webcasts drown the sounds of a mother’s cries
(yes they do)

She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see
She’s a fallen idol, she’s a fallen idol to me
No-one to rely on, maybe you could try one and see

Lyrics © Kev Moore May 19, 2008

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Closer to home……

Although I’ve been flying hither and thither around Europe with BC Sweet this summer, 2011 has also seen me perform a few more shows with my good mate Mario, both in Mezcaleros, and also in a 60’s music project called Mo’Bitz up in Cabrera, a village up in the mountains that bear it’s name ( or is it the other way around?)

Anyway, we played a set comprising all the classics from Small Faces, Spencer Davis, Kinks, Beatles, etc, and a good time was had by all, despite the bitter cold. Yes, you heard right. the bitter cold. It seems hard to believe, as I sit beneath my fan in the office sweating profusely, that a mere few weeks ago, the night time mountain air took away all feeling in my fingers! I even sat at the side of the stage in the car to keep my fingers warm before going on! So, for all you envious of us Spain-dwellers – it’s sometimes cold here too!

Since doing this show, Mario and I, together with drummer Francis have performed a rock set as Mezcaleros at a biker festival up near Granada, and it looks like we’ll be doing another one in August.  Mario’s also hoping to arrange a beach bar bash at the end of July down on Mojacar playa – which would be very cool. So, busy times at home and abroad!

Kev Moore

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Ein, Zwei, Drei im Deutschland – Germany with BC Sweet

Yours truly in Spremberg

Just got back from a very successful three-dayer in Germany with BC Sweet, playing three shows in the East, including Spremberg, and a re-visit to Chemnitz where we played with Christie around a decade ago. It was great to catch up with old friends such as Dozy, Beaky , Mick & Tich, as well as Bill Hurd’s Rubettes, and my old mate Ricky, their sound tech.

The Freilichbuhne in Spremberg

All of the shows were outdoor affairs, performed on some of Germany’s impressive Freilichbuhnes – huge stage constructions serving natural amphitheatres – ideal venues (when the weather holds!) Thankfully, apart from a little light rain on the first night, it did!

Spremberg on the Saturday was a lovely gig, as was the town, where I’d also been last year with Christie. Quintessentially German, it has a lovely town square, immaculately kept, with great coffee shops.

It was Chemnitz on the Sunday, a city that in the communist era bore the name Karl-Marx Stadt, and a huge statue of his head dominates the city centre, ironically not a stone’s throw from that symbol of capitalism, The Golden Arches!

We were playing, unusually, on Sunday afternoon, at the Braustolz Fest -a huge party held at the local Chemnitz brewery. We were well looked after, with great food and drink (as you can imagine!) and the fans were fantastic. These three shows were invaluable to us as a band, the more regularly you play the greater your sense of identity and togetherness, and afterwards we felt like we could take on the world. We’ll use that energy and momentum to push on and take BC Sweet to the next level.

Needless to say, the trams still run on time in Chemnitz.....

Unusually then, for us, the Sunday night was a relaxing one. The view from my hotel room took in the beautiful Opera house across the Square, and later that evening we headed out for coffee, beer and a bite to eat, reflecting on a successful weekend. Roll on the next one!

Kev Moore

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More and Moore Music!

Don’t forget music-lovers, I have a host of product out there: including 2 full albums as digital downloads, “The Long Walk Home” and “The Songwriter Diaries” COMPLETELY FREE! Plus, available to buy from Shop:Kev,  My DCFC tribute CD “Fan Fayre for the Commons People”, and my latest CD, the 18 track “Blue Odyssey”.

Click on the picture links to explore, listen, download and buy!

Kev Moore

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