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Editorial Control, or, life on The Cutting Room Floor

One that got away......

One thing that the megalomania of writing , recording and performing on your own album brings is complete and utter editorial control. I now find myself having to exercise just that, having discovered that the running time for the projected 19 tracks on Blue Odyssey pushes it over the 80 minute mark.  When the project was coming together, I hadn’t planned on a title track, nor had I planned on “Blue me Away”, which just appeared when I was doodling in the studio one day.  I had however planned on a track about Elvis and Graceland, but felt it was a subject too well covered in the past, and let that one slide, though I don’t rule out writing one about visiting The King’s final resting place at some point in the future.

But well, when it finally came down to it, I had to lose one song, and there was never really any question as to which it would be.  “The Turre Stomp” gets the boot folks! It had justified its presence on the album, as a closer, simply because it’s a homage to the village where I live, and where we returned after the journey – but it’s not about the journey – and the actual track “Blue Odyssey” so beautifully completes the set that it simply has to be the closing track, drawing together the threads followed on the album.  What I plan to do is offer, for every copy of Blue Odyssey ordered online through my site, a free download of “The Turre Stomp” as a bonus.

So, at least these days, tracks that languish on the cutting room floor don’t necessarily have to remain there, through the magic of the net, you can hear them as well!

Also, to coincide with the release, I’ll be adding a special Blue Odyssey page with all the lyrics to the album and a little info about how each song was inspired.

Keep checking in here at moore:music for news about the Blue Odyssey release date and ordering details.

Kev Moore

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Portrait of Robbie

My partner, the French artist Miki – has become so enamoured with all things Derby County, she helped put together the Commons People video. Now an avid follower of The Rams, in honour of Sav’s cracking free kick at The Keepmoat the other night,  and wishing the lads good luck against Swansea, I present her portrait of Robbie Savage, and another chance to hear the teaser of the song from the forthcoming Fan Fayre for the Commons people CD.

Robbie Savage by Miki

Robbie Savage by Miki

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