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BBC Radio Derby Kev Moore Interview – Extended Edition!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to hear my interview on the BBC iplayer, I’ve made it available here permanently, with the addition of a couple of extra song samples: The Co-Op Cow from Fan Fayre for the Commons People, and 96 on Sixth from Blue Odyssey.

It has a run time of just under 25 minutes and in addition to my interview with Colin Bloomfield and the above-mentioned tracks, also features snippets from Derby Pride, Who Dat?! and Commons People.

Kev Moore

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Advance orders now being taken

It’s here! April 17th means you can now secure your copy of Kev’s “Fan Fayre for the Commons people CD”, and it will be shipped out to you on the release date of April 25th.

Choose between the DCFC Endorsed edition, or the Strictly limited (500 ONLY) “Red Dog” edition with special artwork. Both versions contain 12 great songs in celebration of Derby County. Just visit our ONLINE STORE and select music, or browse ShopKEV and follow the links!

DCFC Approved edition

DCFC Approved edition

Limited "Red Dog" Edition

Limited "Red Dog" Edition

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Pride Park Bound


I’m off to the UK tomorrow morning, firstly to do a show with BC Sweet in sunny (?) Skegness, and secondly to meet with people at DCFC regarding the forthcoming CD.  The release date is drawing ever closer, and I just wanted to tell everyone that it doesn’t look like I can get the Youtube videos onto the CD – A combination of licensing red tape and technical hassles! So I’ve made them available through  MEVIEW,  where you can download any of 4 videos of songs from the album to your phones for a small fee.


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The Tealinho Mambo

A sneak peak at another one of the tracks from the forthcoming “Fan Fayre for the Commons People” CD now, an edited teaser clip of “The Tealinho Mambo” – chronicling the phoenix-like rise of Derby County winger Gary Teale. Click on the player to listen, sample lyrics below!

“….Cloughie sprinkled on some magic dust
Now to start him in the team’s a must
We thought his career had bit the dust

We love to see Tealinho on the ball
He doesn’t look like Gary Teale at all

but a different name can win the game

Senor – who is this Gary Teale?

Does he play for Boca Juniors? -No
Does he play for de River Plate? -No
Does he play for Santiago? -No
Does he play for  Real Madrid? -No

NO- He is Tealinho, he play for Derby County!
Aiee! Caramba!”

© lyrics and music copyright Kev Moore 2009

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Interview with BBC Radio Derby

Radio Derby logo

As a follow-up to the continuing story of my song for Derby County, “Derby Pride”, Radio Derby have a featured  article on their website, and the interview with breakfast show host Shane O’ Connor in full.


Kev Moore

Derby Pride and other songs are available to buy as a digital download from here:


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Derby Pride – The Video

This morning I was interviewed on Radio Derby in the UK about my new song “Derby Pride” which celebrates Derby County Football Club. Judging by the response I’ve received following its airing on Shane’s breakfast show, its struck a chord with many people in the area.  Last night, I put together a bit of a montage that I hope brings a bit of what its like to follow “The Rams”, and what the Clough name means to the people and the city of Derby.

If you are interested in purchasing the song as a digital download, please click on my name and follow the links

© Kev Moore 2009

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Derby Pride

Left Back in the Studio...

Left Back in the Studio...

As one gets a number of years under the belt, it affords you a better perspective on life, and your experiences, as a whole. Looking back to my childhood, and particularly the years 1970-72, I feel enormously grateful to my Father for buying me a season ticket for Derby County, and inadvertently treating me to the most legendary era of this historic football club. It began a lifelong love for “The Rams” – a love that has been a tough one, as Derby have never again scaled the heights they did in the early 70’s with their iconic manager, Brian Clough.

Cut to this week, and Derby appoint a new manager, the son of the legendary Brian- Nigel Clough. He only had to turn up at the ground for the match the other night and we beat the English, European, and World Club champions , Manchester United, 1-0! It is hard to convey what this means to me and all the other Derby fans, a group of supporters fiercely loyal to the club and buoyed by its past achievements as though they were yesterday. Their stadium, Pride Park is regularly host to 30,000 fans, win, lose or draw. These same fans, me included, now see a resurrection of the “Clough Dynasty” and happy days ahead for Derby.  It is an emotional time. So, what did I do? I wrote a song!  It explores the “Father to Son”  theme, which is particularly poignant, not just with Brian and Nigel Clough, but with my Father and I – going to watch Derby was the one thing we did together.

This week, I will contact Radio Derby, the Derby Evening Telegraph and Derby County Football Club with a view to having it adopted as their theme tune. Click on the title to hear the song.

Derby Pride

Derby County
Play with Cloughies pride
Derby County
With your father by your side

We’ve been waiting since 1974
For justice to be done
For this sleeping giant to roar

And that little boy beside him
would soon become a man
Step into his father’s shoes
and lead the mighty rams

Derby County
Play with Cloughies pride
Derby County
With your father by your side

Do you recall the Popside
Hector, Hinton and Mackay?
We’d Shake the Baseball ground
by singing “Derby til I die”

Well Pride park takes the legacy
With the countries finest fans
And Nigel clough will lead us

Derby County
Play with Cloughies pride
Derby County
With your father by your side

So many years of waiting
Pretenders to the throne
But now we’re celebrating
Cos Cloughie’s coming home!

Derby County
Play with Cloughies pride
Derby County
With your father by your side

Music and Lyrics © Kev Moore 2009

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