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The Philosophy Sketches Project

It’s a busy but interesting time for moment, with ideas flying thick and fast around the Internet meeting place we like to call Cafe Crem. It’s a little corner of Cyberspace where like-minded artists, musicians and writers get together over a coffee and enjoy and support each others ideas and goals. As we’ve come to know one another better, various collaborations have taken place. Miki and I have done many together as you might expect, and I’m currently working on a soundtrack for an art video by Californian artist Susan Cornelis, and the “Altered Book” project with Shelley House is ongoing. But the video I present here took me in yet another direction. I had to conceive of a way to “perform” the thoughts of our friend, Canadian writer Michael Pokocky, and compose accompanying music to complement his wonderful “philosophical sketch” series.  I tried to cresate a piece of music that was very simple, very repetitive, but with the scope to become epic in proportions, and I tried to identify the more contemplative statements and the more assertive ones, arranging them in some kind of order of intensity, to build the dramatic effect. in harmony with the music, I hope I’ve achieved what i set out to do, ending on a positive high, which is what we all hope for, don’t you think? Enjoy the video!

© Music copyright Kev Moore 2009

Sketches and words by Michael Pokocky

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