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Reggae Night!

Here in sleepy Turre, life rolls along at its own, distinctly Spanish pace, and us ‘locals’ usually have to make our own entertainment. So there I was in The Pasty Shack  a few weeks back, watching a Clapton concert on the big screen, and Pete, who runs the local magazine said “we should have a reggae concert on”.  Neil, the owner -with a background in Audio-Visual stagework for EMI – started mulling it over, and I said “well, you could show Marley at The Rainbow, and I’ll come and play a short reggae set!”

So there you have it – tonight The Pasty Shack will become The Rasta Shack, and I’ll run through some Reggae classics for the locals. Here’s my attempt at Bob Marley’s “Is this love”, with the backing vocals ably handled by my daughter, Hollie.


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Spank de Plank

Almost certainly lurking in my subconscious since my days wandering around the Caribbean with my reggae show, here’s a character I’ve called “Spank de Plank”  – a very cool bass dude!  He’ll be the last character to earn a place in my forthcoming exhibition in Turre in March, though I’m sure many more will pop out of my head and onto the screen during the coming year!

If you want to buy a print of Spank online, click on the widget below:

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Kev Moore

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