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AMY WINEHOUSE: Apart from the drink, drugs, and rank unprofessionalism, where did it all go right?

Amy Whinearse - any similarity between persons living or half-dead is purely coincidental

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….where to begin?  From my own perspective, (and I’m honest enough to admit that, although I’m still enjoying a reasonable career in music, it comes with a liberal helping of sour grapes), it really doesn’t look good. I can deal with very talented people reaping rich rewards. I can even deal with people going off the rails. I can’t deal with mediocre talent reaping vast riches, but that’s another issue. But Amy Winehouse…..personally, I don’t see what all the fuss was about when she could stand up and bash out a tune, never mind when she totters about like a semi-comatose junkie, mumbling like she’s had a lobotomy. (I’m assuming she hasn’t actually had one, but who knows what the current fashions are?)  However, I will concede that some people liked the music she was evidently propped up to churn out in the first place. But her recent debacle in Eastern Europe is an affront to any professional musician, and an insult to the poor (and bad judges of character) schmucks who coughed up a week’s wage to see her embarrass herself, her band, and the profession in general. Put simply, it is a lack of respect. Respect for her band-mates, her public, but ultimately, herself. She should go away, flip burgers and get some help, instead of charging money for the rest of us to witness the unedifying spectacle of a lucky chanter who no longer knows her arse from her elbow.

Kev Moore

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